Thursday 27th September




This is the view from my spa.

Can you see why I love it happy

I was up at 6am to have a spa before all the world awoke.

It was a rather idyllic morning.

Playing with my panorama setting happy

Flat calm reflective sea with interesting cloud patterns in the northern sky


As it was so calm Tim decided to do some mussel work after breakfast so Jerram decided to stay longer so he could go out too.

So the 3 guys headed out for a few hours to cut off floats.

Jacob had asked Jerram for a ride out so when they came back they stopped long enough to have a snack and then they headed out to Blenheim at midday.

It felt so relaxed once he had gone.

Nice to have company but also nice to have our own space back again.


Talked with Graham.

Some friends have offered for him to stay with them.

But the hospital is not happy with him going half an hour away from medical help so they have decided to keep him in there for another 10 days.

He was sounding very relieved.

He is worried about his spleen and knows the risks so is being very cautious.

He is enjoying all his visitors too happy


I ended up busy in the study in the latter parts of the arvo and then ended up having a very very long phone conversation with a close friend who was going through some pretty hard stuff.

I think we talked & cried & talked for 2-3 hours.

The girls put dinner together and they all ate and got themselves off to bed while I was on the phone.

I sat and talked with Tim afterwards while I ate my dinner and then we fell onto our pillows.








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