Wednesday 26th September




Everyone went out tailing lambs.

They got in for a late lunch.

Shanni came home with a motherless lamb.

She is feeding it glucose and our milk until I can organise some lamb milk to come in tonight.


I had a morning of sorting paperwork and getting things done in the office.

Seem to be doing a lot of shuffling at the moment – most frustrating.

Have set Graham up with a phone plan so he can call us anytime for nothing.

It is good cuz he now just calls for a chat and we can keep up with his progress.

He was sounding more breathless today, they have to monitor his oxygen levels, but he is doing his physio exercises to keep the prospect of pneumonia away.

And he makes sure he thinks up questions to ask the Drs each time they come to visit him.

Gotta keep the brain active when there’s nothing else to do winky


Jerram arrived in the afternoon.

He is scouting for a NZ rural tv programme.

He stayed overnight with us and we spent most of the latter part of the arvo and the evening chatting with him as he took lots of notes.

He was a very interesting man so was fun to have him here.

The rain came in and it was a pretty scuddy evening.

Thankfully we had plenty of the mutton & venison stew from the night before so dinner was easy.

Shanni made a butterscotch pudding which went down well.

We stayed up till abut 10 talking.

Later night than I have had in a while!





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