Saturday 29th September




Last night I caught my foot on my laptop power cord as I was leaving the study.

I hit my ankle with considerable force on something very hard.

It hurt shocked


As it was teatime & I was busy I carried on despite Tim hassling me about putting something on it.

I elevated it for a wee while after tea and then had a spa and went to bed.

Then it started really hurting.

So when Tim came in and I told him he went and got some frozen tomatoes (the first frozen packet he could find) and some towels and ice-packed it for me.

Of course he was hassling me majorly (with a self suffering grin on his face the whole time) for not letting him do this at the beginning and for being so silly as to soaking it in the hot spa etc etc, but he did put the tomatoes away again once my foot had gone numb from cold surprised

The ankle was very sore and it wasn’t comfortable sleeping.

This morning he got another ice pack for me so I lay in bed & read my book trying to keep warm with a frozen foot!!

I am reading a few books by Deborah Challinor.

I am really enjoying her books.

I read ‘Band of Gold‘ last week.

I had already read ‘Kitty‘ and ‘Amber‘ but really enjoyed rereading them and cannot wait for the 4th book to be written.

And have just finished ‘Isle of Tears‘.

They are historical novels based on early NZ life.

Very entertaining and educational.


Then it was time to get up and shower etc.

I had a busy day planned.


Pat Eising and all his boys had arrived down late late last night.

Tim headed off up the hill to do some fence fixing so Pat came up and sat and chatted with me while I had breakfast & iced my foot again.

It has been ages since they were down due to his wedding last year and the boys getting older and busier.


Azzan enjoys Dillon’s company and they were soon asking to go kayaking.

They went out for a while and then were in the spa so I guess the sea is not yet that warm winky


Jesse and his friend Chris came up to ask if they could use the kayaks and they went out and Chris went diving.

But there is not a lot to catch in the bay apart from Kina so they were not that thrilled with their trip.


While I hung out the washing Mahalia carried all the boxes of school stuff I have had stowed in the hallway out onto the kitchen table.

I have to go through them all and price the things I am selling and box everything up ready to take out to town on Monday for the curriculum fair on Tuesday.


We seem to have a menagerie in the house again.

Tinga the sun conure, Alice the pukeko chick, Hershey the lamb and a Skip the schiperke!

Alice is doing very well.

Shanni has moved it from the shoe box into a larger cage.

It’s incessant chirping can be heard throughout the living area!


Azzan is heading off to camp on Monday.

He has been planning a costume for ages now and despite me saying not to leave it to the last minute, he did!

But I managed to get him started on it after lunch.

He knew exactly what he wanted it to look like.

He just didn’t know how to do it.

So I have interpreted it for him.

We raided Tim’s work shirt drawer and found an old shirt to use as a base.

Then we got a heap of old maps and I started him off showing him how to tear and glue them into place.

Dillon got stuck in and helped him which made the job much more fun for them both.

As I had the table covered with school books I set them alight down on the floor with pva glue and brushes.

I was very impressed, they didn’t spread the glue all over the place like I was expecting two small boys to do!!

The shirt hanging to dry with the fronts glued on.

Mahalia came back in and was able to take over from my supervisory role which was a huge help.

We found it easier to progress further once Azzan actually put it on.

Soon the backs and sleeves were glued and the collar was being sorted.

Dillon had to go home for dinner, so Mahalia & Azzan finished it and hung it above the fire to dry.

Tomorrow we will get it all finished.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen Shjanni was baking.

She had already made a huge gluten free quiche, now she was making Azzan a birthday cake.

We will be away for his birthday and one of his presents he really needs before he leaves so we decided we will have a wee party tomorrow night.

He doesn’t know this yet winky

We had roasted a chicken in the slow cooker and Shanni did all the vegetables for dinner while I carried on with sorting the books.

Dinner was delicious.

While Tim put the children to bed I skyped with Jesika.

So good to hear the news that she has a new job and will be starting it soon.


The other news of the day is that Graham has now left the hospital and is recuperating with friends in Motueka.

I heard from Leanne tonight and she said he is not going to be going to be keeping fairly quiet for a while, he is on pain meds which are making him a bit spacey and he can’t walk far yet either.

He is using a walking stick and another special picker-upper stick thing for reaching things he needs.

So keep him in your prayers – he has a long road yet to travel to return to full health.

But he is a tough rooster and determined and he has God on his side!


I was really weary when I hit the pillow.

Daylight saving starts in the morning.

That is okay for tomorrow but Monday morning it means the kids and I will have to be up and hour earlier to leave for town – that doesn’t sound okay sad







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