Wednesday 24th October




Despite the late night Tim & I were awake early.

We had a quiet half hour to talk a few things over.

It is about the only uninterrupted time of the day we ever get whatevah


I did some maths with Azzan and then read him and Mahalia a story about Archimedes.

They are really enjoying the stories of Mathematicians.

Phillipa called me back just as I was beginning to read the 2nd story so I got a reprieve.

We chatted for a while and then I got some lunch happening.

Tim beat me to it and had his all cooking before I got out there.

He’s just far too slick!


Mahalia & Azzan both are in the midst of yet another room sort and move around of furniture.

I sometimes wish that all the furniture was nailed to the floor.


Tim was fixing one of the trailers which took quite a while this morning.

While he did that Shanni was doing her birds and other jobs.


After lunch Tim took the girls up the hill to kill a sheep.

They delivered all Graham’s groceries to him.

Then Shanni cooked dinner for him on the way back.


I cleaned out the living room fire.

It was really full and choked up with ash.

Then I managed to get that fire going quite successfully.

But I just couldn’t get the kitchen stove going.

Gave up on that and had a chat on the phone with Chrissy after Asher & Azzan had finished talking.

Ellie gave the shelves in the washhouse a really good tidy up.

It all looks so perfect now I am afraid to touch anything!

The children were in a fairly rambunctious boisterous mood at dinner.

While I was making smoothies for dessert Shanni & Azzan had a ‘fight’.

I had to laugh when I saw the wall hanging they were fighting under laughing

Resorting to hair pulling

and nose twisting – the play is getting dirty now!!

Thankfully they both stayed pretty much unharmed and were able to enjoy their smoothies.

And Shanni wasn’t injured so she was able to wash the dishes.

Time for bed now methinks.

Am slightly tired.




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