Thursday 25th October





Azzan was on the computer early so he could get his school project done and be ready for his 9am Skype session.

I left him to it and spent time talking with Tim in the study.

Because of that I didn’t get to the shower quick enough this morning and for the second time in a week I had a tepid shower bummed

Azzan did is own photos and prose for his Nature & Design paper.

He did it on Buttercups and Mint.

It was very imaginative and as his teacher said – definitely smacked of 10 year old boy stuff!


Later, while I ate my breakfast I got Azzan & Mahalia onto some maths.

That proved to be rather tedious.

She wasn’t really in a maths mood so ended up disappearing off to do music practice.

He really wasn’t of the mind to be concentrating.

In fact most of today proved to be rather challenging where he was concerned.


I placated Azzan a little and spent time playing hangman with him to make the math lesson not so tedious.

Then I read another chapter of Mathematicians are People too.

It was about Hypatia.

It is a great book – a brilliant buy.

The kids really enjoy it.

We side tracked a tad and sussed out the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World as Hypatia lived near the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Shanni had a wee melt down at the same time.

So with 10 year olds and 15 year olds I was over kids by midday!

Azzan and Ellie helped me make pizza for lunch.

I made Shanni and Tim some rice & bacon stirfry for lunch as they don’t eat wheat.

I managed to get my lunch around mid afternoon!


Mahalia is also sorting out her room and has decided to move into her high bunk above the door.

That means her bed is superfluous and she wants it out to give her more room for other stuff.

So now I have to figure out where to stash it.

She disappeared off up the hill with Tim & Ellie this arvo to muster stock.

Shanni went around to cook Graham’s dinner and brought his washing home.

She then spent time relaxing in bed watching a movie.


I am trying a new managing/coping strategy with Azzan – non reactionary!

He doesn’t like it winky

He wants me to make decisions for him but no answers I give are ever what he wants to hear so I just tell him to go sort himself out and ignore him until the behaviour is positive and pleasant.

 Finally tonight it worked.

He actually got his room cleaned up, did some piano practice and then came and apologised and gave me a hug.


I had enough of Azzan by 4pm so refused to listen to another word from him and disappeared into my art corner and buried myself in my book.

Finished ‘Flywheel‘.

It was an easy read and really good message.

Tim didn’t get back from mustering until quite late and then had to go down to the woolshed to sort out some health issues with a sheep so dinner was not until around 8pm.

Then just as I was serving the food he was called to the phone.

But the news was good – in fact the news was great, so he was let off being late to eat with us pleased

Then after dinner he had to make several other calls so it is now 10pm and he is only just snuggling the kids into bed.

No evening left for us – so love daylight saving hours – not!


I have had a few spare moments to get some cards done.

Here are a few baby cards I made over the past couple of days.

There seems to be a rush on boys at the moment and I had run out of boy cards.

And one I made tonight – obviously not a baby card winky





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