Saturday 27th October




Lovely dawn clouds this morning as I went out to the spa.

Tim took the 3 girls mustering.

The mustered Charlie’s into Zed Block.

That took them all morning.


Azzan got stuck in and did a heap of Maths.

Then he spent ages on the computer putting together his projects for his GO school work.

 He also did a good amount of piano practise while I made a few cards.


Shanni is learning how to use the weedeater.

It is interesting watching her after the boys years of doing this job.

Cat does the job really well so it has been quite noticeable that the boys do it in a very rip tear and bust way which leaves the lawns very ho hum!

Shanni is being very careful to do it right.

Is it a girl thing??


Shanni went around to cook Graham’s dinner.

He was up the hill with a friend helping to get some timber sorted.

He reckoned it was the most frustrating thing not to be able to do anything.

He just had to point with his walking stick and direct the guy as to what to take.


Dinner was roast mutton chops.

Very delicious – nothing like bones to turn my crew into a pack of carnivores!!


Azzan came to me in in the evening and asked if ‘I have been better today?’

He had consciously been trying which I hadn’t been aware of, so I was very proud of him when I realised that we had had no dramas all day.

I went to bed around 8:30pm and watched a movie.

The Vow.

It was really lovely.

Based on a true story.





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