Sunday 28th October




I got up around 6am and made some cards

I am enjoying doing more artwork these days.

I don’t feel nearly as stressed as I have been which is really good.

PTSD is nasty, but it is great to be getting therapy for it and learning how to cope and overcome.


When I had finished making my cards I taught Ellie how to do them as she wanted to make some for her parents.

She had lots of fun and spent ages creating a couple of lovely cards.

Mahalia also made a special card for a special person.


It was raining this morning so Tim went around to get Graham.

It took quite a while for them to come back – men talk apparently!

I made roast pumpkin, feta & spinach gluten free muffins.

We sat around the table and had fellowship while we devoured them for lunch.

It was a good time.

Lots of questions from Ellie so a really good discussion all round.


After lunch Graham walked home.

Tim went to cut down the mutton he had killed the other day.

Then he got the Safari ready for me to take to town for a WoF.

He and Graham got power tools etc ready for us to take out to Sebastian as well.


I made a large dish of aubergine stack for dinner.

Instead of making individual ones I just layered them in a large casserole dish.

Then I sat and enjoyed Azzan’s foot massage.

While my feet were soaking in the foot spa he proceeded to get his spray bottle out and gave my legs a good wash and massage and then massaged all sorts of creams into them.

It was lovely.

But then he decided he was going to get a large bowl of water and wash my hair!

The first bowl he spilt across the carpet.

The 2nd he had to tip out cuz by then I realised what he was planning and as I had just washed my hair this morning I didn’t really want it done again!

He wasn’t too happy about that so he packed up everything and let me paint my own nails clueless


Tim was really weary today but he had a lot to do so never got the arvo nap he wanted.

He is still going.

He went out to get some mussels for us to take to town and Mahalia popped around with Skip to see Olly.

We are off to town early tomorrow so I was really hoping for an early dinner and night but that is not happening.


When I went out to the kitchen to get dinner turned back on again I found the crew on the floor doing pilates.

They are really getting into it now they have found the dvds laughing




The aubergine stack was absolutely delicious and everyone enjoyed it.

I have quickly tucked kids into bed.

Tim has just finished getting everything ready and now I am off to pack some clothes.

Weather forecast looks warm so I guess I should dig out some spring clothing.

The weather is just so fickle at the moment I never know what to take!!







2 thoughts on “Sunday 28th October

  1. Such pretty cards! You have a real knack for them…I love the way you put the designs together. Bravissimo! : )Your little boy takes very good care of his mommy and I think that is such a blessing…So, so sweet. So nice to see inside glimpses of your sweet homelife!  It’s always nice to see. I showed my youngest daughter your daughter in her rubber boots, so she would see another young lady in the country like us. : )Take care now, until the next time!  Blessings!

  2. @thats_italian – Thank you – I love making them, it is my way of relaxing and blessing my spirit and then blessing others in giving them.Yes, he is a sweetie – most of the time!!I had to go back and find the rubber boots you mentioned and found Shoshannah weedeating in her gumboots – figured that’s what you were talking about

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