Monday 29th October




Don’t know why I bother to set my alarm clock.

I was awake at 4:37am!

Nearly half an hour before I needed to get up.

So I had plenty of time to get ready before waking the children at 5:30am.

Azzan didn’t need to be woken either, he was up not too long after me.

Tim still had a few things to gather to send out so it did take till 6am to get the Safari packed up.

We stopped off to pick up Graham.

Then we trundled off to town.

I haven’t driven the ‘tank’ for quite some time, months in fact so it took a wee while to feel comfortable.

We arrived at Seb’s at 8:30am – made good time even though we weren’t rushing it.

We unloaded all the tools.

Shanni headed to the shower and Graham & Seb were straight into work.

Graham was there purely in an advisory role, helping Seb get the job underway.

I left Azzan there too and Mahalia came with me.

We had time to get ourselves frappaccinos  I zipped to the bank to get a proof of account for Shanni.

Fueled up with diesel as we were pretty close to empty.

It’s always a shock filling up the Safari as it’s tank is so big!

Then we headed over to Tahaunanui and chilled out at Muratai Motordrome while they did the WoF on the Safari.

Half an hour later we were chugging back over the hill to town – all was good so passed with no hassles.

We took a bit of a tiki tour, I thought if I turned right at the roundabout at the top of Moana Drive that we could get down into Toi Toi St.

But we found ourselves at a dead end in a new subdivision called Tasman Heights.

It was pretty cool up there so we enjoyed the views and dreamed about living up there as we drove back.

On checking out the real estate for the area tonight the prices for houses up there are in the vicinity of half a mill so I will continue dreaming  bummed


We found our way back down the hill to Toi Toi St via Abraham Heights and this time found the right route.

I left Mahalia to have her harp lesson while I headed into the city centre to do the running around jobs.

Posted mail, then took Shanni’s wage forms to ACC for the home help work she is doing for Graham.

The info the bank had given me was not acceptable so I had to go back there and get a different form.

Then I had to go to the IRD to ascertain what tax rate Shanni should be on.

Picked Mahalia up from music.

Then we got hot potatoes for everyone and drove back to Seb & Phoebe’s.

Leon had arrived and it was full on activity as the guys got the beams into place.

Seb had removed the wall between the kitchen and living room a few months ago and Graham had milled up these lovely solid beams to frame the gap with.

Graham was finding it very hard to stick to his ‘advisory’ role!

We were constantly telling him to back off, to stop doing this and that!!

His walking stick came in handy as he directed the proceedings laughing

The side beams just finished it all off nicely.


We ate our lunch, loaded apples and kiwifruit onboard that Leon had brought over, unloaded the boxes of carrots Phoebe had brought up from Chch for me and then I took the kids and left.

Leon took Graham over to Motueka for a couple fo nights so he can visit his chiropractor.

I dropped the children at the library for an hour while I went back to ACC with all the right info.

Then I had a wee wander and sussed out some dresses before going to pick up the kids.

We went back to Annemieke’s to drop off some fruit.

Drove out to Richmond.

Left the kids at Andrea & Ross’ for their piano lessons while I went to the mall.

Met up with Johanna and unloaded some more fruit.

Went to Mr Minit to get my sandals I had left there to be stretched.

Becky & Abe were shopping so I arranged to go back and have a cuppa once I was finished.

The shoes needed a tad more stretching so left them till tomorrow.

It was lovely to have a relaxing catch up chat with Becky and Bronwyn.

I hadn’t managed to catch up with Bronwyn since Doug died last year so it was extra good to have some time with her.

At 5pm I whizzed back to pick up the kids.

Andrea & Ross loaded a very large bag of agapanthus bulbs into the truck so I guess we will be planting when we get home!

Azzan was giving hugs before we left.

Ross reciprocated with a big squeezy-tight bear hug.

So when we did actually leave he went to give Andrea a hug and told her he could’nt hug Ross cuz he squeezed the breath out of him.
She said ‘he does that to me too’.

Azzan said he shouldn’t cuz she was too delicate pleased


We headed to David & Sasha’s for a visit.

Bought fish & chips and burgers and had our dinner with them.

It was lovely to sit outside and relax in the cool of the evening after such a warm day.

The temps had gotten to at least 22’C – which is warm for us at this time of year.

Just pleasant actually.

But by 8:30pm it had cooled down heaps so I was glad of a blanket to wrap around me to ward off the evening cool.

We headed away around 9pm as we were all getting rather weary.

Nathan was here to great us as we trailed in the door with our bags and sleeping gear.

The kids were in bed fairly quickly and I watched TV with Natey for a wee while.

It was a busy day but not stressful at all which was great.





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