Saturday 17th November





The forecast was for rain so when we woke around 7am and it was not raining we decided to pack up and head to the Saturday Market.

We were there before 8am and spent an hour wandering about.

We ate Dutch potato doughnuts which was delicious.

Then before we left we got a salmon & avocado wrap from the Wrap Shack.

I had been telling Ellie how divine they were and she had been putting off the idea of getting one for breakfast thinking she would find something else.

Finally we got one each and on the first bite she exclaimed ‘Why did I waste a whole hour to get one of these??’

The rain began just as we were deciding to leave around 9am.

I took her down to catch her bus to Kaikoura.

Then I went back into the city to do two small jobs.

I wandered into Paper Plus and met up with Grace & Elizabeth.

They told me that they were all waiting for Sophie & Katherine’s orchestra group to arrive as they were going to do a ‘flashmob’ near Farmers.

So I hung around and waited with them.

The group finally arrived and got set up.

It was not really a flashmob as it takes quite a bit to get young folks instruments set up and tuned and in position – especially in the rain!

They did really well and a large crowd gathered to listen.


It was then time to go meet up with Ross & Andrea at Crusoe’s for lunch.

I went out and picked up Ross.

Because I had gotten waylaid watching the orchestra I missed out on getting some keys cut.

So Ross ran into the Richmond Mall and got some done while I waited.

I think the whole of Nelson was as the Mall – there was no parks anywhere!

We finally got back to Crusoe’s and had a lovely time chatting with Rami & Anat.

I had their Moroccan Chicken this time.

It is Rami’s signature dish and was delicious.

It was finally time to leave so I went back to Seb’s to swap vehicles with him.

He towed the trailer and picked up some trolleys from my cousin John’s and then parked it up at his palace so I didn’t have to worry about maneuvering the trailer.

I took his Legnum and enjoyed using that – felt like a right boy racer


Then I had a birthday party to go to so drove back out to Richmond and spent a lovely evening with Becky and her friends.

Because her birthday is right on Christmas she decided to celebrate early.

I thought that was a great idea – always good to have a party

Cher and I were last to leave.

We helped clean up and then I dropped Cher back home as it was on my way.

Azzan stayed on with Seb & Phoebe.

It was really nice to have the whole house to myself.






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