Sunday 18th November






It was sheer luxury to be able to wake when I wanted and shower at my own pace and not have to rush anywhere.

I packed up my gear, tidied up the house.

Hung out a load of washing – it was a gorgeously sunny day already.

Then I drove into town and got myself a peppermint mocha frappaccino.

Then out to Crusoe’s to pick up some Gluten Free ALFAJORES with Dulce de leche to take with me to John & Sally’s.

They just melt in your mouth – so incredibly moresome!

Rami had just taken some small quiches out of the oven so I got a broccoli and blue cheese quiche for my breakfast.

It was so good.


I spent the next 5 hours at John’s using the high speed internet – trying to get a photo book made.

It was so incredibly frustrating as they have changed the online programme and I just couldn’t get it working.

I then decided to try and download some of my art courses I have just bought.

I had to tear into town to pick up some books Azzan had reserved at the library.

Then back to John’s to carry on.

Had to finally ditch it all and leave as Seb was back from work.

He shot out to pick up some stuff from David & Sasha’s and then I met him at the fuel station to fill the tank.

I grabbed groceries while he went back and loaded up the trailer.

He managed to get a fair bit of his rubbish timber board.

We finally left at 7pm.

Seb drove while I made dinner.

I filled baps with hot chicken and salad.

We ate as we drove.

Got home around 10pm.

Tim met us at the parking bay.

They quickly unloaded the trailer and then hooked it up to the Safari and within half an hour Seb was on his way back to town.

He finally made it home at 2am!









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