Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th November





Monday 20th

First day back home after a week away.

A mountain of washing to get through.

We had run out of washing powder so good reason not do get washing done while I was away.

No one here seems to know about improvisation!


Jude had come over to help Mahalia with Olly while I was away.

Steve brought her by boat from D’Urville Island to the back of the farm and Tim drove over and got her.

It saved Steve a long boat trip.

She had already lent Mahalia a book on Natural Horsemanship but she hadnt really gotten into it yet.

I could see that Olly has been getting out of control but Mahalia has been very defensive about it.

But on my return I found a way different attitude.

She was rapt with what Jude has taught her so far and when I asked her if she was coming back for some more lessons the response was a very positive – ‘I hope so’!


So while Tim was out grubbing thistles and then with Shoshannah moving sheep,  Mahalia was busy training Olly.

Azzan was rather weary from our busy week and late night so he just chilled in bed for a while.

I spent most of the morning catching up on my blog – I was a week behind.

Fairly taxing on the memory banks when I get one day behind let alone a week!



Tuesday 20th

I was busy all day working on the online photo book.

I got in touch with the Diamond Photo folk and got some help.

They have changed the programme to a NZ website and it has been having some hiccups.

She suggested I tried using Firefox instead of Safari.

It would’ve been rather helpful if there had been some warning about it on their site and then I wouldn’t have wasted all those hours on Sunday whatevah


Anyway, I have been spending time getting it done.

She gave me a weeks extension which has taken the pressure off.

Tim spent the day sanding the bottom of the boat.

Shoshannah made some gluten free cheese scones.

They were really good.

Mahalia spent the afternoon out training Olly.


Tim smoked up some salmon which we had with salad and rice – delicious.

I have had a headache and sore neck since I got home.

Made me feel quite out of sorts.

Have been going to bed early but not sleeping terribly well.










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