Friday 23rd November




I woke up early and got myself out into the kitchen well before 6am.
Sebastian was leaving Nelson around 6 and I wanted to bake him a birthday cake.

Today is his 22nd birthday!
I was rapt that he was coming in so we could share a small portion of his day with him.

I made a Caramel Cake, using an old family recipe and it turned out the best cake I have made in absolute ages.
I usually mix large quantities of cakes in the Kenwood cake mixer but this time I was just making a small one so did it all in the food processor.
Not too sure if that was the reason but it was just perfect.

I was icing it when I got Seb’s call at 9am saying he was at the top of the hill.
He walked in the door as I was trying to fit 22 candles on the cake!!

Tim had gone out to get mussels and was just arriving into the wharf so Seb went down to help him.
Then they loaded up all Seb’s gear before coming in for a cuppa.
Azzan & Mahalia helped me light all the candles and then Seb did the big birthday blow!

I had made some photo books from his trip to 2005 North America & Mexico with Jesika & Catriona.
He thought the photos had been lost so he was pretty happy to get them and the copies of the videos he had taken.

Once we had devoured a vast portion of the cake Seb headed off to Waterfall Bay with Azzan to unload his gear.
Tim had some business matters to discuss with me and then he followed over in the truck.
Seb helped Tim unload the freezer they had gotten when in town last week.
It was very heavy but they managed to get it in place so heres hoping it goes okay and we don’t have to do that act again for a long while.

I wandered down to the wharf with Shoshannah to meet the mailboat.
It was such a beautiful day.
Skip lined up for his complimentary biscuit.

Durng the rest of the afternoon I  made a 14 cards to give to Graham for his birthday next week.
He loves to use home made cards and as with a lot of guys, he is hard to buy for, it is nice to be able to make him something he will enjoy and use.

Mahalia went off to spend time with her horse.
Tim found her and they went up the hill to kill a sheep.

Shoshannah was not having a particularly good day so I sent her off for an afternoon rest.
Graham was busy with Jeff so it was okay for her to not do his housework for a day.
She can do two hours tomorrow.

We had roast chicken for dinner – it was very tasty.
Azzan made roast huckleback potatoes and carrots with asparagus.
I am so enjoying asparagus season – there really is nothing quite like it. So good!




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