Thursday 22nd November




Tim is on a mission these days to get the thistles under control.
So he has been heading out onto the hills early in the morning to get a few hours grubbing done before the heat sets in.

I was up early and had some fun making some special cards.
One for a wedding we are going to soon and another for a special young lady’s birthday.
I also made several others while I was in a creative mood.

The children have been having loads of fun with their water balloons.
The latest thing has been to fill them and freeze them.
They make great ice blocks and then they smash well when thrown hard on the decking.

I had a lovely afternoon making cards.
It is lovely in my wee corner in the afternoon at the moment cuz the sun just pours in there.

I had just asked Azzan & Mahalia to do the veges for dinner when Tim sent a message asking if dinner could be earlier.
Unfortunately it couldn’t be cuz I had just okayed Azzan to make chips.
He was well into cutting them up by this stage so too late to change the menu.
If I had known we would’ve quickly cooked up mashed spuds instead.

So, anyway, Tim went off with Shoshannah and put the ’88 South’ into the water before dinner and we ate late.
Shoshannah manned the helm and took the boat away for a while  soTim could deal with the trailer and tractor.
She went off for a tiki tour around the bay and ventured into Te Kopi following some dolphins around.
Tim is very trusting to let her loose on the boat alone – but she did well and brought it back to him in one piece

She was rightly very proud of herself for managing to safely operate the boat single handedly.




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