Wednesday 26th December




Had a nice lazyish day.

Wallowed in my bed and watched the final episodes of Grey’s Anatomy Season 7.

The day was still quite hot but not as bad as yesterday.

In fact it cooled right down in the latter stages of the day.

Mahalia went mustering with Tim and then did Graham’s housework.

I packed up a lot of the going out stuff.

Went through my wardrobe and drawers and bagged up the throwouts.

Also managed to clear away half of one of my book cases.

Decided I need to get ruthless and clear the clutter!

The Terrano is full of recycling – nice feeling happy


Tim, Azzan & Mahalia drove over to Waterfall Bay after lunch.

Cat took the others in her inflatable.

They cut up all the venison and a sheep and made mince etc.


Azzan has been complaining of a sore appendix during the day.

I explained to him that if it really was his appendix he would be in a lot more pain.

He called me up from WB wanting to know if I would take him to the Dr tomorrow.

As I was sure there was nothing major going on I told him that I couldn’t call the Dr as it was a holiday.

He was very concerned that if he stayed at home the others would not understand that he had a sore tummy and they would make him work!

So he stayed the night with Seb & Phoebe with the proviso that if his tummy is too sore tomorrow then Brianna will drive him out with her later in the morning.


Cat is getting her sink bench etc finished off up in her hut and is beginning to make plans to alter mine.

She and Tim got all the plumbing bits out to see what I would need to pick up in town tomorrow.

I am going to have two gorgeous new round sinks in a lovely large flat wooden bench pleased


Need to head to bed now.

Busy day in Nelson but looking forward to catching up with 3 special friends.

Shoshannah is coming with me but returning with Brianna.

Anson & Marah are coming home tomorrow too.

Road will be busy winky






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