Monday 31st December




The morning of the last day of the year was sunny but very breezy.

Cat was up and about early.

We were admiring the new kitchen bench as it lay in it’s naked splendor in the early morning sunshine.

Cat sanded off the residue of oil that had splattered from the saw.

It has come up looking great.

The framework is being prepared for it.


Shoshannah & Katherine packed up a lunch and went out kayaking for the day.


Cat’s friends Heather and David arrived last night.

The first time Cat climbed Mt Cook it was with Heather, it was great to finally meet her.

The decision was made to go out diving and fishing.

So everyone packed up and headed off out onto the rather breezy bay.

Tim, David, Azzan & I stayed back.


David & Tim went to find a slab for the end of the bench.

They came back for lunch and a chat and then David went over the hill to help Graham get some more timber for his projects.

That took them till after 6pm but they did come back with an awesome end piece for the bench.

Tim decided to get rid of the old bench completely so spent some time disconnecting the water pipes and then emptied and cleaned out the hot water cylinder at the same time.


In between hanging out washing and talking with David & Tim and eating I rested on my bed and watched movies.

Azzan was also resting on the couch and watching movies.

Sebastian brought Nicky, Beth & Mark up to visit in the dinghy.

Noel came to pick him up and he spent the arvo working on the Tardis harvesting spat.

Nicky and I visited over a cuppa and then she walked back around the track with Beth & Mark.


Everyone arrived back later in the day.

Despite them all being tired from their day out on & under the water the decision was finally made to head up to Waterfall Bay for a bonfire and bbq.


The girls walked around with Heather & David and  Halina & Geoff.

Azzan was so wanting to walk with them.

I was really concerned it would be too much for him but eventually relented and he got there fine.

The others went up in Cat’s yacht.

David & Sasha drove over.

Anson & Marah decided to have a quiet night at home.

No-one knew where Tim was so I got ready and waited for him to turn up.

The weather is so fickle at the moment.

I am alternating between wearing very little some days because of the heat to putting on jeans, jersey, jacket and shoes tonight because it has turned so chilly.

Our bed is going from having just one top sheet to piling all the blankets back on again.



Tim eventually arrived in after 8pm.

Said he was just trying to get all his jobs finished before the end of the year clueless

We trundled on over in the Terrano.

The sun was setting as we got to the top of the hill.

It was a glorious sight.


It was very windy so we didn’t dally long.

There were people everywhere when we arrived.

I guess when you unite the 33 of Phoebe’s family and 14 of ours you have a ready made party and then add 7 extras it’s all go!


After everyone socialised for a while, Tim bbq’d up some sausages for the hungry ones, and the night had gotten dark enough Bri & Abby headed off to get the bonfire and fireworks happening.

They started letting them off over on the jetty across the bay.

The moon was shining straight down the centre of the bay for the first part of the night until the sky clouded over.

The bonfire was right on the waters edge and the tide was coming in.

The wind was really gusty so as we tried to toast our marshmellows we would have to run from the smoke and sparks as they chased us about.

Bri shifted the fireworks to the other side of us.

Then the sparklers were handed out.

They were fun but didn’t last long enough for the kids though.

Up at the house the more staid members of the group were congregating around the bbq.

Cooking, eating and talking.


We said our farewells at around 11:30pm and headed off home.

The walkers crammed into ours and David’s vehicles and the rest on the yacht.

As we came through our gate we could see lights up near the airstrip.

We have had trouble with poachers so decided to drive up there and see what was going on.

We knew Seb was out hunting somewhere but Tim was a bit concerned cuz the light we could see was not shifting.

So until we got to them we didn’t really know what or who we were going to find.

The kids were funny.

It was a bit of an adventure.

‘What will you do Dad, if it’s not Seb?’

‘What if it’s real poachers Dad??’


The light was really bright and blinding so it was hard to see who the figures were but I see the number plate and was pleased to know it was Seb!!

I leapt out of the Terrano and took a photo of our happy ‘poachers’

Caught ya Seb, Mark & Paul!!

In spite of the very windy night they had actually managed to shoot some possums and they were busy plucking one.

Hence the stationary light.

The crew in the Terrano were pearing to see what was going on.


We said our Happy New Years to the guys and headed back down the hill and homeward.

Gave Marah & Anson a big toot as we drove past.

The midnight news came on the radio as we drove down the hill.

The kids and Tim were yahooing and cheering their New Years greetings so loudly I couldn’t hear the news.

They were straight off to bed as soon as they walked in the door.

Welcome to 2013 everyone pleased







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