Saturday 26th January

I woke to a glorious Blenheim day.

We had a lovely slowish start which was rather nice.

I cruised through the shower and had time to paint my nails before Pat arrived over, waving his can of CRC.

He fixed the doors on the Safari for which I am eternally grateful!

I hopped on board with Chris as she was taking Bailey to a birthday party.

We stopped off at the Stonewood show home so I could have a look at what David is building now.

It was rather lovely.

Then Chris and I went to have a cuppa at Watery Mouth cafe.

It was really nice to have time out to talk.

Had a quick catch up with Heather just as we were leaving.

I am enjoying meeting up with all these old friends happy

I picked up the Safari and headed off to Karen & Jon’s place for a bbq lunch with Jacqui, Charlotte, Gavin & baby Aiden, Paula and Ada.John cooked up the meat and Karen had prepared some other delicious food which we enjoyed outside in the shade by the pool.

After lunch Jacqui took Aiden for a walk in the park next door.

It is a gorgeous place.

McKendry Park is a beautiful place with a stream running along one end

and ducks to feed

Clouston Glade is within the McKendry Park reserve.

This contains an orchard begun in 1920 by Balfour Clouston and added to and continued through the years by his descendants.

It is so beautiful with all the old plum, walnut & quince trees.

This walnut tree is one of the oldest trees in the reserve – over 100 years old.

The orchard is available for anyone to come and pick fruit from.

Of course all the rip fruit that was reachable was all gone but we spied one plum and Jacqui was determined to get it!!

She got it and I ate it – so good!

We wandered through the park and then back to the house for some more socialising.

The afternoon melted away effortlessly.

I sat and knitted and made wonderful progress – shocking myself at how much I actually managed to do!!

Love these photos of Aiden and his Dad.

Jacqui & Ada

Aiden & his Mum

Great Grandma having a wee hold, but he is too heavy for her to Dad had to support him.

The afternoon soon came to an end and the others all made ready to leave.

We took some photos before they could escape.

Paula & Jacqui

The clan

I sat and knitted while Jac had a swim and spa.

Then Karen made another cup of tea so we talked some more and then finally I had to make tracks and Jacqui needed to start packing her bags.

One last photo till next time.

To quote Jac – ‘You would never tell that between the two of us we have 17 children.

We have weathered well’ pleased


I arrived back just in time for dinner with Chris, David, Amy & Bailey.

Chatham Island cod was on the menu – Amy has not long returned from teaching on the island.

Then Louisa, Roger & Madeline arrived and dropped off the chilly bins I had to leave behind.

We chatted a while and then they left for Christchurch.

Christine had made a delicious rhubarb dessert so we sat and enjoyed that while the others did dishes and then went out.

We had the evening to ourselves.

It was lovely happy

The girls arrived back from their drive to Picton.

Dave came back from his evening out.

Then bedtime for all!



back on the ranch

Anson took Mike, Arreyah, Shoshannah, & Maria hunting in the boat.

They got 2 pigs so were very happy.


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