Thursday 24th January




I was able to get ready to go to town in a relatively stress free manner.
Seb bought the Safari over and Tim put the back seat in for me.
I had to take the Safari as it is a 7 seater and I had 5 passengers – too many for the Terrano.
Then he and Seb went off to do mussel work.

I had planned to leave around 11am but was ready to go earlier.
So piled everything and everyone in.
Said goodbye to the children and headed around to Anson’s to pick up the girls.
We pulled everything out and Anson repacked it all for me.
We were full to the top and had to leave a couple of chilly boxes behind but they weren’t too important.

I had 5 passengers and all their luggage.
Poor Luke was squished into the very back seat.
Olly came to say goodbye

Anson & Marah were being all mushy – or was that Marah being mushy and Anson rejoicing about having a girl free few days

They were packed in like sardines so after an hour I stopped above Okuri Bay to let them stretch their legs and sent Ella on ahead for a walk to settle her stomach.
Then another stop at Okiwi Bay.
As we drove down the Ronga we were hit by a torrential downpour.
It was crazy heavy rain.
Then it eased and a few minutes later another deluge.
By the time we got to Rai Valley it had thankfully blown over.
I wasn’t looking forward to unpacking the vehicle in the rain.
We had time at Rai so enjoyed their yummy pies.
Marah & I went for a look in the local craft shop.
Then I saw Gillian pull up outside and she was unloading a hitchhiker.
I told Marah to zip out and see where she was heading.
She was a lovely German woman heading to Havelock.
So Gillian loaded Marah, Ella, Lily & Luke into her car and took them over to Nelson to meet Marah’s brother.
And I loaded Tobias back in the Safari with the German woman and we headed to Havelock.
Dropped her off at the marina and we drove on to Blenheim.
I left Tobias at a backpackers and went to the library.
I had a great time choosing books for me and the children.

It was nearly 4pm by the time I arrived at Christine & Dave’s place.
Had a cuppa and then changed and got ready for a night out.
The main reason for my trip to Blenheim was to spend time with my special friend Jacqui.
She lives in Perth and hadn’t been back to Blenheim for 20 years.
We went to Raupo for dinner – it was lovely.
Food was great.

Service was good.
And the company was excellent!

After dinner we went for a wander down to the river below the restaurant.
It was a lovely evening.
Then we drove through town and stopped off at Seymour Gardens.
No matter how old we are we never tire of the fountain and clock tower.
We had to be big kids again and played with my phone.
Us with the fountain.

Us with the bottom of the clock tower

Us with the top of the clock tower!!

Then as we drove over the bridge I did a sharp left turn and took Jacqui to the river bank.
We walked over so I could show her my mother’s memorial seat.
We then walked on a bit further and across a bridge and then her daughter came running towards us.
She and her husband were staying with her grandmother not too far away.
She had seen us in the distance and knew that it had to be us cuz no one else has hair like her mother!!
We took her back to show her the seat too.

It was time to take Jacqui home so I dropped her off and came back to Christine’s.
A long lovely day.




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