Thursday 31st January





Yet another hot day.

I was feeling really good, almost recovered.

So got up and showered and into the day quite early with resolve to actually get things done so I could get back to my art course.

I am 3 projects behind at the moment – but not stressing cuz I know it is not the end of the world if I can’t to them right now and that I will get to them sometime!


Anson came around early and got Shoshannah & Maria out of bed to go help him in the shearing shed.

He had some sheep to shear and Shoshannah was teaching Maria how to rousie.

Marah came around to bring him some refreshments.

Tim was doing stuff in the kitchen.

I went to have my shower.

I then gathered up my knitting and headed out to the kitchen to get my breakfast and planned to sit and relax and eat and knit.

But I was greeted by water pouring all over the bench and flooding across the floor.

Tim had been mixing up his bread in a large bowl and when he finished, instead of sitting the bowl inside the sink to soak it, he had sat it on the bench, swung the faucet around and begun filling the bowl.

Then he got sidetracked and went outside to do something!

Mahalia heard my yelling and ran to help.

We evacuated the furniture near the double doors and began to mop.

Tim eventually arrived back and with his normal cheeky happy smile and comments helped mop up the water.

Mahalia finished off by wiping out all the shelves.

So we know have a clean floor and shelves.

Tim said he thought the floor needed washing whatevah



Seb & Phoebe had left for town at 5:30am and we were in phone contact with Seb throughout the morning sorting out things he was picking up for us.

They had their routine scan at 11am so we were eagerly waiting for the call.

It never came.


Then at 12:30 I got a call that just broke my heart.

Their baby has died sometime in the past 2 weeks.

We were all stunned, reeling, from the news.

They were beside themselves with grief.

I made the instant decision to head back to town to be with them.

Talked to Phoebe’s Mum and suggested that she fly up instead of making the long drive.

So she arrived several hours before me!!

Wish I could’ve time traveled.


Marah, & kids have stepped up and pitched in to help Tim over the weekend because we have a catered party coming in.

I finally got myself together and left at 3pm.

I never stopped once till I got to town.

I arrived at Starbucks at 5:15pm.

Got a drink and then discovered my darlings were just up the street.

Coming to town just for the day and then finding they had to stay several days meant some shopping was required for basics.

It was absolutely heartbreaking to see their grief.

We quickly finished shopping and headed to our motel.

John & Sally graciously offered us beds here so we are chilling out, and waiting and supporting.

It’s hard.


Seb & I went off to find food for dinner.

Nathan & Ella arrived and joined us for dinner and the evening which was lovely.

I waved them goodbye as they toodled off into the darkness on Nathan’s trusty steed happy











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