Wednesday 30th January




Another very hot sticky day.


Everyone is drooping.

I can’t get Azzan & Mahalia motivated to do anything.

Azzan is supposed to be cleaning up his room.

He has gotten it into such a pickle.

He decided that he ‘needed’ to paint the walls a few weeks ago.

I think he got inspired by the kitchen alterations.

Needless to say – I was not inspired and had very little energy so was not at all happy with him.

So now he is banned from any square screen until he has his room back into some state of normality!

Trouble is his idea of normal and mine are vastly different so I think it will be sometime until he is allowed back on the internet etc .

Life is tough sometimes whatevah

Shoshannah & Maria keep themselves busy with animals and cooking and farm stuff and then have crashville time in their bedroom watching a movie.

Shoshannah was rapt cuz she found one of her hens had hatched 12 baby chicks.

It was a great thing cuz she wasn’t expecting this.

She had carefully monitored the previous two batches and had 5 chickens and now this hen produced 12 without her involvement!!

They went up the hill with Anson to check possum traps and then came back and made dinner.

They are being quite creative with the food which is lovely.

Maria made lammingtons for dessert – before which she actually made the sponge.

Most impressive winky

We are very capable of the same but I tend to cheat a tad these days and buy my sponges!!


I didn’t do a lot.

Knitting and keeping cool and talking with the boys as they cruised in and out on their way to and from work.

Shoshannah made lunch.

She brought me mine – delicious spinach fritters with bacon & salad.


Seb & Tim were doing more boat maintenance.

Marah popped around for a visit.

There was lots of shenanigans when Anson walked in the door!


Phoebe came back with Seb in the dingy to get the Safari.

We chatted a while and then sorted out all the food for the catered party.

Loaded that all into chilly bins and then into the vehicle.

Came back in and sat and talked for a while.

Then all of a sudden Phoebe sat up and exclaimed ‘I forgot to go!’

We just rolled about laughing laughing

That was such a Phoebe-ish statment!

Seb went home later in the dinghy.

They were heading to town next morning so had an early start.

Dinner was late again.

Just far too hot to cook and eat at the moment.

I have no photos of today but Shoshannah has promised to share some so I may add them later.






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