Sunday 17th February




I had quite a restless night.
Seb went out harvesting around 1am and we were woken by the barge coming to the wharf around 2:45am to unload ropes.
Then it returned just after 7am to unload more.
Tim whizzed down to see the guys before ‘Tardis’ headed to Elaine Bay to unload the crop.
Seb zipped home to get some very necessary sleep.

I had a spa and read the first chapter of what is looking to be a very interesting book.
Women of the Outback‘ by Sue Williams.

I’ve been reading exerts to it to Tim and family throughout the day.

Tim discovered that one of the woman written about it here was the lady who came down last week to interview him for a book she is writing!!

Before I had a chance to get some breakfast Azzan made me a platter of cheese and tomato on crackers and in so doing managed to have a barney with Mahalia.
It is the first decent one they have had in a while so I gave them both a dressing down about it!

I wasn’t that thrilled about having cheese and crackers for breakfast but graciously accepted them but also allowed/offered him some to eat as it was rather a large plateful!

Then we had fellowship.
The 3 girls joined us.
It was interesting hearing of their backgrounds.

Shoshannah is doing really well with her guitar playing.

It was nice to have Adina playing along with her.

We need to do it more often to give Shoshannah practice at keeping time with us all

After lunch was cleaned up Shoshannah, Azzan & the three girls went for a walk up the Clay Point Road with the dogs.
Then when they got back Mahalia & Azzan took the girls kayaking.

They went up to Waterfall so they could leave a kayak there for Phoebe to use.
They all arrived back just before dinner – I could hear the noise long before I saw them coming in to the beach!!

Tim had a nice long catch up call with Bri.
I had a read and doze on the sofa.
Then I did another art lesson.
This one was using white on black and shading.
It was okay – not one of my most favourite lessons.

I changed the new agey approach the tutor had to something that suited me better and was relatively happy with the results.

Tim roasted up some mutton chops and then made a fish & mussel dish with coconut cream.

Shoshannah baked courgette slices with sun dried tomatoes and cheese for dinner.
She also made a delicious quinnoa salad.
So tonight our dinner consisted of fresh butter beans, courgettes and silver beet – all from her garden and meat from our hills and fish from the bay.

Anson arrived back and he and Marah came for a visit and to deliver a heap of tomatoes and corn.
Guess we will be busy processing tomorrow!!


The weather has turned cooler today.

We watched a southerly bank of clouds roll across the eastern hills and turn the sky a pretty cold pink tonight.






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