Thursday 28th March – part 1





Shoshannah & Mahalia were up at 7am and down to rousie by 7:30am.

I got up soon after and headed out to the kitchen to start the day.

I was feeling more relaxed about the days cooking because I had some food already prepared.

I got the washing on and started getting the morning smoko ready.

I wanted to have a shower so lit the fire to ensure the water was hot enough.

Azzan was up but still not running on all cylinders.

I managed to find some dissoluble Aspro for him to gargle to try and kill his throat pain.

Abby helped him take the morning tea stuff down to the shed before 9am.

He then hopped onto Skype and spent the hour with his GO teacher.

He wasn’t really functioning enough to retain much but I checked out his scheduled lessons and he can do them another day when he is feeling up to it.

No immediate need to push him into it right now.

I got all the lunch food prepared and the table set early.

Still trying to get to the shower…..

Cat came in and began checking out the rest of Tim’s clothes and camping gear that were still piled in the living room.

She sorted them with/for me.

I kept back a few things.

Some for Nathan and Anson and other things I can’t part with just yet.

As we sorted it all began to get too much again.

Marah walked in the door with a cake she had baked to help out and I ended up sobbing on her shoulder again.

It wouldn’t matter how long I took to do this, it would still be hard.

I need to do this now, but only some of it, just his work clothes and things the boys can use.

I am keeping a few items for me.

I have to have some things left or it all feels too final.

Cat & Azzan tidied the living room and vacuumed so it is all looking more liveable now.


I finally managed to have my shower and get back to the kitchen just as the guys were arriving up for lunch.

It was nice to be able to sit and enjoy my lunch with the others.

Because of all the dramas over the past couple of days I have missed meal times.

But thankfully today the phone has been silent.


Marah washed up the lunch dishes and helped get the afternoon smoko down to the shed before she headed off home.

Her help was very appreciated.

I was really tired so went off to bed and had an afternoon rest.

Slept for a wee while and then knitted some more while I watched a ‘Midsomer Murder’.

Azzan prepared his special baked potatoes for dinner.

He also cooked up some pumpkin and made a salad.

I had thawed out some frozen stews, plus we had left over dessert from last night, so dinner was quite easy.


I managed to usher the children off towards their beds soon after 8pm.

But then Jesika called up so Azzan and Mahalia had long talks with her.

I went back out to the living room and caught Bri acting very suspiciously winky

She and Abby were hiding shiney wrapped eggey shaped chocolatey things all around the place.

The children will have fun in the morning won’t they?

And once they find everything they will be on such a sugar high that I will have to scrape them off the ceilings laughing

Finally got them all settle down and then it was my turn to talk with Jesika.

She has a good phone card deal for this month so it is nice we can talk more often now.


Azzan has been doing lots of writing this afternoon.

He has written pages and pages to his Dad.

They are very moving.

His first page reads exactly like this



Loseing a dad, is very sad.

You may start getting mad

with your dad!

But rememer that dad,

is special to you, and that

he really misses you to.

You will start to cry

and You will ask God why,

he was taken away

on that very day.

But you always remember him

as the: BEST DAD EVER!

and he will be happy,

right there in heaven!


Written by Azzan Shand

for his dad Timothy Shand

on thursday 28th March 2013








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