Thursday 28th March – part 2





Shoshannah has let me use some of her photos from the past few days which give a lovely account of the past couple of days of mustering and shearing.

Sky cooling off


Meeting Graham coming up the road as the sheep are heading down.

All penned up and ready for their haricuts.

Azzan helping to pen up.

The team hard at it on day 1.

Gary on stand 1, Anson on stand 2 and Matt on stand 3.

Mahalia, Anna, Shoshannah & Niamh shedhanding.

Leeann on the table.

Piling the wool into the press.

Marah taking a mo – was glad to see she did rest up!

Jack & Azzan penning up out the back.

The shorn sheep waiting to leave.

Matt took the third stand for a couple of runs which helped immensely.

The wool piing up.

Anson had to take time off his stand to help Leeann put the bales through the press.

Abby helping out at the end of the first day.

Leeann taking a turn in the back pens.

Marah doing what she does very well happy

Superfluous dogs making the most of their rest till required next.

My girls!

So glad to see Marah found a comfy place to rest up winky

Pressing more bales

The end results.

And shearing is now completed.

I know it was really hard pulling it off without Tim but you did it.

Thanks everyone.






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