Friday 29th March




I woke at my usual early time and sat and played on my laptop for a while.

When I wandered through the living room just after 8am I found this heap of square eyed children engrossed in ‘Pride & Prejudice’.

Judging by the discarded wrappers they had obviously found a lot of the shiny chocolately things that Bri & Abby Easter bunny had hidden the previous night.

and were sugared out as there were many still unopened on the bench winky

Azzan was more interested in the hash browns and cooking up a decent breakfast.

I went back to bed as there seemed to be no reason to get up.

I watched ‘Midsomer Murders’ and knitted.

I am on the home stretch – just knitting the hood.

I love the graduated colours.

Sasha came to give me a hullo and good morning hug.

She and David had arrived late last night.

She took my breakfast order and this is what I was presented with.

Poached eggs with grated cheese, hash browns, baby beetroot, fried tomatoes, and toast liberally spread with Leeann’s fresh pesto.

And of course a mug of liquorice tea.

It was delicious.


I was getting a tad anxious about running out of wool so I did a bit of a measure up and calculated how much more I would need to finish the wee jacket.

Oh dear, not quite enough. How can I stretch it?

Maybe I will have to contact Wendy and get the ‘on hold’ skein sent over, and that would take days and I was so close to finishing.

Then I did a dig around in my knitting bag and found one last small rolled up ball which thankfully meant I had plenty pleased

I finally rolled out to the kitchen sometime around 1pm.

Found Graham sitting talking to David and the girls still engrossed in ‘Pride & Prejudice’.

Discovered that Graham’s son had bought down several bins of corn, beans and capsicum.

We all groaned with thankfulness winky

It is great to get the vegetables but none of us felt like dealing to them.

Sasha began the process and hauled the bin of beans inside and got started.

She gave the kids a bowl each to do while they watched the dvd.

We chucked the capsicum in the sink and I went off to have a shower.

Did not feel any way inclined to do anything in the kitchen whatevah

However, after getting myself washed and dressed I tackled the job with fresh divergence.

I started putting the corn cobs through the oven and while they were cooking I began processing the capsicum.

The dvd finished – the comments were – ‘that sure was a long movie’ and ‘is that really the end?’

David came and helped with the beans.

And with the two irresponsible adults helping the job was done much faster and with loads of fun.

There was a lot of bean throwing and fighting along the way and afterwards their was some major sweeping necessary!

Leeann popped into get some steak cooking in the slow cooker for a venison & oyster pie and some more marinating for dinner.

Sasha shucked all the corn and the cut most of it off the cobs.

Se did an excellent job but munted her hands in the process so we left a large bag of corn cobs in the fridge for lunches over next few days.

By about 4pm the veges were all processed and bagged up for the freezer.

Our freezers are rather full at the moment so I had to do some maneuvering.

Abby came down later and did a major floor sweep.

Azzan had tried but hadn’t quite gotten on top of the bean war!


Seb was out doing mussel work for the day.

Anson was doing stock work.

Bri & Cat were working on buildings – repairs and maintenance and additions.

I got a phone call from a neighbour to say that a cow was stranded on rocks around the back of the farm so I called Anson to let him know.

He took David and Jeff and his mate in the boat.

Swapped boats at Waterfall Bay and took ’88 South’ out to see what the story was.

It was very blustery with the wind looking like it was going to increase, and getting late so I was urging them to be careful.

Seb had a fishing party arriving right then so he had to stay back and deal with them.


I got Azzan busy doing potatoes for dinner.

The veges were easy – fresh green beans and corn on the cob winky

I was so incredibly tired that I took my ‘lunch’ – a plate of left over fruit crumble – and went back to bed to rest.

I watched ‘Amish Grace‘ and finished knitting the jacket.

The movie had a very very good message and portrayal of forgiveness.

I am so thrilled with the wee hooded jacket.

I only started casting on the stitches last Sat evening and have now completed it on Friday.

That would have to be a miracle for me!!

I just have to get some buttons for it and it is finished.


Glenn arrived up from Christchurch for the weekend and got busy helping Cat before dinner.

Leeann fried up the steak and finally around 8pm we sat down to eat.

Anson & David arrived back around 9pm.

They had successfully and miraculously managed to rescue the cow.

She was a young heifer and somehow had fallen down the bluffs on the eastern side of Clay Point without breaking her legs or neck.

She just had some scratches.


Usually when a cattle beast falls here it is a one way trip and we only find the carcass later.

David jumped in the water and got a noose around her and they towed her out to the boat and managed to haul her up onto the backboard and then took her around to Buka Point and let her swim ashore to a beach where there was water, grass and access to get up the hill.

They caught fish for dinner on their way home too.

The wind had also died right down which made the whole venture much easier.

I think the guys were quite buzzed to have had such a successful mission pleased


After dinner Glenn, David & I sat and chatted at the table.

Bri cranked up her guitar and they had a great sing song in the corner.

Azzan was in fine fettle – he has inherited Bri’s love and ability to sing off the cuff parodies.

They are hilarious.

He also has a great singing voice so not too hard to listen too either.

It was lovely to hear them all having fun and enjoying themselves.

I was feeling slightly overwhelmed by all the noise.

I was feeling really sad too – just wanting and wishing Timmy was here to enjoy it with them.

He loved their music and they inherited their craziness from him.

I am so missing him sad


Azzan wanted to sleep with me so he was all snuggled up cuddling William when I finally got to bed.

I was falling asleep at the wheel so didn’t blog or watch movies.

Just put the light out and hit the pillow hard.






5 thoughts on “Friday 29th March

  1. Oh!  That wee, colourful jacket!!!  It’s like what I imagine Israel gave Joseph in its loveliness! Great work– and in such quick timing.  Is this wool from your flocks? I’ve tried knitting but I get all tangled up.  I click the needles and knit pearl knit, but when I pull away, the yarn is as if I pulled it from the skein & merely tossed it on the needles.  I need a good sitdown learn.Silly.  Don’t you know there’s simply no such thing as an “Easter bunny?”

  2. @alehoo – No the yarn is not from our sheep. I bought it from the store – it is from Japan actually!! It is 45% silk, 45% kid mohair and 10% wool.And yes of course I know there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny – I was being facetious Actually it was my older daughter who was acting out from suppressed desires after a lifetime of not being able to celebrate the pagan festival – and on top of that she is a complete chocolate freak

  3. Hahahah!!!! I’m soooo laughing (cus my older ones want me to allow them to let them “indulge” in the “fun!!!” And, um, I’m the first one at the grocery picking out the past-Easter discounted chocolate, cus I’m one, too!)True to life.  True to life, my sister!  😀

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