Thursday 25th April




Anson took all the wwoofers out mustering at 7am.

I spent time loading more photos and then prised myself out of bed and got busy in the kitchen.

Made bread, then made some date scones for morning tea.

The crew arrived home just as they were coming out of the oven.

I had time to quickly throw some clothes on and wash my face before they walked in the door.

They devoured the scones very quickly.

I made dessert while I had the mixer out and the oven hot.


After they had eaten Anson took the guys out to do some more work.

His dogs always wait so patiently for him to return.

Aylin helped me with some vege prep, then she swept and hosed down the back path and back door concrete areas.

Looks really good now – nice and clean and tidy.


Anson and the guys had been cleaning up around the sheds and getting firewood cut and stacked.

He cleaned out the old oil shed and had a burn up today.

Yes, he did have a permit!

It is rather sad seeing it go up in flames.

It has been a favourite photographic subject of mine.

I have heaps of pix of it so it’s memory will live on.

But it was falling down and its demise is so the area will be clear to build a bigger under cover area for more firewood etc.


After they had lunch I took mine to bed and rested.

Watched a Miss Marple dvd and I think I might have dozed a tad.


Aylin & Nils went up the hill for a walk.

Anson and the other two went out to set a possum poison line.


I have been trying to pack for my holiday but just haven’t had my brain functioning.

Phoebe came in this arvo and sat and untangled my knitting wool while helping me decide what to take and just generally was a lovely encouragement while I tidied my room a tad.

Seb was out getting mussels with Janis.

After he had gotten them loaded into the Terrano for me he came and immediately began sorting my room so he could set up my new TV and dvd player.

I have had them stashed in the corner for several weeks because I haven’t had the energy to think what to do with them.

I now have it all set up and functioning.

Just hope I can control the mechanics of it all!!

We haven’t had a TV in years so I get a bit freaked by having all the remotes to deal with.

We had everyone here for dinner tonight which was nice.


I finished sewing on the buttons of Marah & Anson’s wee baby jacket so gave it to them to take home.

They are cute wee green and gold ladybugs.


Finished sewing up the vest tonight after dinner.

Haven’t got a home for this one yet but Marah is coveting it so the bargain is, if they have a boy then she can have it otherwise……


I walked Seb & Phoebe through their travel arrangements and ticketing.

So exciting.

Only one more week to go and then they pack their bikini and boardies and head off to Fiji pleased


We had fun looking at Anson & Sebastian’s baby photos tonight – well we girls had fun – not sure how excited the boys were about it all  winky

I got all my packing pretty much finished and now it is time to shut off the light.

Heading to town tomorrow and want to be away by 7am.






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