Friday 26th April





The alarm woke me at 5:30am.

I needed every minute of the hour and a half I had given myself to get ready.

The wwoofers were all up around 6am.

The French guys were going with Anson to check his possum line and the German’s were packing to come with me.

We were gone by 7am.

We had a quick stop at Okiwi Bay and then straight on to Nelson.

I took Aylin & Nils directly to the Paradiso Backpackers, drove up and parked in the NP zone by the front door as I was going to quickly drop them and leave.

Because they seemed to be having problems undoing the back hatch of the Terrano I turned off the ignition and got out to help them.

When I went to restart it was dead.

Nobody at home!

Nothing sad

I couldn’t understand what had happened.

I flew into the reception area to tell them I was parked and had broken down but they seemed totally unconcerned.

I was really worried because I was blocking all the parked cars from leaving.

I found my AA card and called for urgent assistance.

It seemed to take forever to get through and then get all the information to her.

She was very sympathetic and lovely, so much so that the tears began threatening.

I tried really hard to hold it all together.

Nils & Aylin came out to help.

While I waited I popped the lid to have a look and discovered the weld on on of the battery terminals had broken and there was no contact.

So after some deliberation I sandwiched it together and managed to restart the engine.

Said goodby to N&A and backed out of the drive.

I just wanted to get out of the main thoroughfare!

I parked on the street and tried to call the AA back and cancel the callout but the truck arrived soon after.

He had a good look and play with it and got it fixed enough for me to get to our garage.

I called them and told them I was on my way.

Went straight to Muritai Motors, parked up in the workshop and walked through to the office and immediately had a meltdown on Pauline’s shoulder sad

We sat and talked while the guy replaced the fitting.

I was soon on my way again – the whole drama took about an hour out of my morning so I was very glad I had left earlier than I really needed to.

I was also counting blessings – mainly that it hadn’t happened when I stopped in Okiwi Bay!

I was on the right side of the city to start working my way through my list.

I dropped mussels off to Sally & John, then up to the vet to pick up stuff for Anson.

Talk about random happenings!!
As I stood at the counter waiting to pay I turned and looked behind me.

And there stood my neighbour Sue from across the bay  – she must’ve literally been traveling out behind me.

Was so lovely to see her as we hadn’t had a chance to catch up since the funeral.

On promises to catch up on my return I drove up the street to see Anat & Rami .

Dropped off more mussels and picked up the most delicious broccoli and blue cheese savoury pie which I munched on as I drove on my way.

Then it was a quick stop to give Fumio some mussels too.

He & Sayuri were so pleased to see me, I felt really bad I couldn’t stop, but have a proper visit scheduled real soon.

From there I headed back into the city.

I was beginning to get on top of the tears by now thankfully.

I was happy to be working my way through my list.


When I went to find a park I discovered that town was crazy busy already.

It was like a manic mid summers day with people just in cruise mode everywhere.

It was a case of cruising the carparks and watching to see someone about to leave.

I finally found a park, posted my mail and then finally got myself a very much needed by then frappacino pleased

Went up to see the lawyer and sign more papers – they assure me that the process is nearly completed!

Then sipped into Glassons to get some tops.

Actually only went to get one but they had a heap of cool colours on special so I got a few more than one winky

From there I zipped up to see Leeanne – she is making me some tops from fabric I have had stashed for quite a few years.

Tried them on and then got a baked potato for lunch and had time to eat it quickly before my counseling appointment.

Had a good session there and then went back to see Leeanne.

Picked up some more hot potatoes and went to meet Graham & Mahalia & Azzan at the beginning of the motorway.

They were on their way home.

Much later than anticipated as Graham was chasing his tail getting jobs done along the way.

Aylin & Nils came to say goodbye to the kids too.

Azzan was so so incredibly tired.

He had had a very successful camp.

Sounds like he put his heart and soul and all his energy into enjoying himself.

He came third in the talent quest singing ‘Impossible’
His vampire costume had also earned him heaps of brownie points .

When I asked Shoshannah if Mahalia had helped him get it ready like they planned, she laughed and said he had all the girls swarming around him helping!!

So proud of him heart

Mahalia had missed out on the costume parade because she had an accident and got taken to A&E with a suspected broken arm, but thankfully it was only bruised.

Shoshannah took some photos and is happy for me to share them here.


Kashana putting on Azzan’s makeup after his hair had been spray painted.

My dramatic son the vampire.

I seriously think this boy has a future on the stage!

Mahalia & Kashana – BFF’s & crazy campers laughing


Shoshannah & Maria got a ride to Tahunaui with one of the camp mothers so they both chilled out at the motel while I was in the CBD.


And this very random photo which I found on Shoshannah’s card of her pumpkin crop.

Quite an impressive array of shape and sizes.



I went to see Nathan, then Phillip joined me there just after 5pm.

We had a quiet drink and time out to chat – both of us had had busy days so it was good to just stop.


It was drizzly, cold and dark when we left around 6pm.

I came back to Arrow Motels and unpacked the Terrano, loaded up the girls and headed to Smugglers for dinner.

We all enjoyed the salmon salad and some delicious desserts.

We were sitting at the large centre table and a guy with his young son were just across from us.

After a while he started chatting to us and asked us if we were from a farm?

Then he asked a couple more questions before saying you were on Country Calendar weren’t you?
So Shoshannah replied with ‘would you like my autograph?’ laughing

He was very complimentary and had really enjoyed the show.

I chatted with John & Sally for half an hour or so while the girls got their beds ready.

It was very cosy and comfortable and I was soon sound asleep.




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