Saturday 27th April




I was awake at 5:30am so caught up on some banking and blogging.

Once the girls were awake I zipped through the shower and then sorted my bags.

I didn’t want to carry excess luggage with me on the plane so bagged up what I didn’t need and left it in the Terrano.

Probably still took too much with me whatevah


While the girls got dressed I zoomed into the city to fuel up the Terrano and get a frappaccino.

As it was only 8:30 the traffic was very light and I was back well within the half hour.

In time to say goodbye to John & Sally and the troops as they headed off to Blenheim for the day.


I had time to have a quick goodbye with Shoshannah & Maria and then it was time for me to head to the airport.

John’s friend dropped me off.

The girls wandered up to the Tahunanui shops and got themselves some breakfast.

Several hours later they were taken to the airport and flew to Christchurch.

Shoshannah is doing her normal CEF camp down there.

She will be totally camped out when she gets back home!


It was a bit of a bumpy flight over the Straits, had my camera ready in case we flew over home but we didn’t.

Mel met me at the airport and took me back to the house.

Had a cuppa and chilled for half an hour and then got ready to go downtown.

Bobbi was away but had left her car for me to use.

It is a zippy wee bright yellow shopping basket – very cute.

I drove down to their carparking building and parked up there for the arvo.

Walked to meet Jerome, our Country Calender director, and his wife for coffee at Felix cafe.

I was starving so had brunch while we talked.

His wife was lovely, so good to meet her.

We had a lovely time but eventually had to leave.

I walked to meet Clare at Scopa.

Clare was battling a headcold so didn’t want too much food.

She just had chips, but I had to try the Tiramisu – I am always a sucker for it but am usually disappointed.

This time I wasn’t – it was very good pleased

We hung out together for the rest of the day/evening.


We walked down to the Reading Centre to see what was on at the movies.

Identity Thief‘ was about to start so we got tickets.

It had it’s funny parts and some feel good bits but I wouldn’t be rushing off to buy the dvd.


We then decided we had better move the car from the carparking building so it didn’t get shut in overnight!

I was telling Clare how I was finding it hard to judge/asses the dimensions of the wee car when driving it which seems really dumb when I am used to driving 4WD’s!

So she offered to drive – I was happy to accept.

She circled the streets trying to find a park but it was pretty busy already.

So we finally found another parking building which stayed open later.

Then we walked to one palce to eat but it was packed and had a waiting list of about 45minutes.

Decided to try somewhere else.

Went to Sweet Mother’s Kitchen.

A really funky wee place, also very busy but only a 20 minute wait list.

There were spare bar stools at the counter so we sat there.

It was cosy and the staff very friendly.

They were also happy to charge my phone for me.

We soon had our dinner.

The menu was very New Orleans in flavour and the decor was a busy cluttered sort of frenzy, but comfortable at the same time.


We sat and talked and ate and enjoyed the evening.

When we left we wandered down to Starbucks and had a drink for dessert/supper.

Then it was back to the car and Clare drove to her place.

Thanks for a lovely evening Clare – it was nice to hang out with you – I will be back pleased

It was easy to find my way back to Bobbi & John’s place, but not so easy to navigate the steep tight turn into the garage.

Bet if I was in the Terrano I would’ve handled it so much easier winky


Had a really relaxed day.

Sort of a social food crawl.











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