Wednesday 22nd May




The children had been primed the night before that they had to be up and ready to leave by 8:30am.
I managed to get myself upstairs in time to hustle them out the door around 8:40am!
Mahalia was still helping prepare Azzan’s lunch moments before we left and then Ross followed us out holding Azzan’s manbag which he had left somewhere in the house whatevah
I would make a shocking full time townie mother – I seriously do not like having to keep to such an early timetable.
Once every two weeks is more than enough for me!


I dropped Azzan off at One Day School and then met up with Melanie and her Mum down the street a tad.
Mahalia happily hopped in and took off with them for the day.
Sasha had already taken Shoshannah into town for her 9am appointment so that left me child free for a few hours – happy dance winky

I headed into the city and straight to Starbucks to get my morning fix.
Then figured I had time to go sort out the vehicle plates.
I had to deregister the Safari, then change the Regulus plates for my personalised ones.
That made the girl behind the VTNZ counter stop and think for a few moments as to how to do it.
I was glad to see it wasn’t just me that was confused over the whole process.
It required filling out three forms, changing my Safari personalised plates to normal ones, then deregistering the new number and then changing the Regulus plates over to my personlised ones & deregistering the old ones and then paying several lots of money.
Then she told me I needed to physically change the plates on the vehicle as soon as poss as the old ones were no longer legal.

I was pondering as to how to do this, and decided to pop around the corner to visit a friend who has sold tyres to Tim & I for most of our vehicles for years now.
I was doing fine thusfar.
I parked up and went to find him and as soon as I started to ask him for some help I began to cry.
It just all felt way too much.
Having to ask for help for such a small thing.
He was lovely, gave me a big hug and immediately got one of the junior mechanics to come do the deed for me.
While the young fella was doing that Dave did a recce on my tyres for me.
He knows exactly what type of tyre Tim liked to use on our roads.
He decided they were not up to scratch for our winter conditions so I booked the vehicle in to have new ones put on.

The new plates were on so I headed down the street to see my therapist.
I had a very very emotional session with her.
There has been so much happening since I last saw her, and despite her reassuring me that I have been coping pretty well considering, the flood gates opened and I all the tension I had been carrying was released.
I had been aware over the past week that I was constantly feeling tense and sick in my stomach from all the stress.
Was really good to talk it all out.
I was so drained when I left, but much lighter.

I zipped across town to pick up some more funeral dvd’s that had been ordered.
Went to Post Office to post them.
Then met up with Sasha & Shoshannah at Fashion Island.
They had been shopping the sales and found some bargains so Shanni was smiling happy
While Sasha waited for our Salmon & Avocado wraps from the Wrap Shack at the Farmers Market I went with Shoshannah and picked up a pair of shorts she had on hold.
Shanni got a baked spud and we ate our lunch as we walked to Farmers and returned a dress she didn’t want.
The heavens had opened by then and it was bucketing down.
I had left my umbrella in the car so walked to Renaissance keeping under cover as much as possible.
The girls stayed to finish their lunch and do some more shopping before heading back to Richmond to pick up Azzan and take Shoshannah to guitar.


I had booked a cut and blowwave with Hitomi at Renaissance.
It is only 5 weeks since my last cut but I really had the blahs today and needed some morale boosting.
Hitomi worked her magic on my hair and my spirit, we had a really fun hour of laughter and she made me feel great again.

Because it was wet outside and I didn’t have my brolly she decided she needed to take photos of my haircut before the weather ruined it silly

She is so proud of her wonderful cutting skills and the amazingly wonderful colours that she is now to be known as the Queen of the Salon – so look out for the red carpet and be prepared to bow to her graciousness if you have the pleasure of visiting her laughing

(Sonia took this lovely photo of us both for their FB page, so I borrowed it)


I drove out to Richmond and because Sasha had picked up Azzan already I had time to go find the Vodafone shop and get Shoshannah a new phone.
She has been using one of Nathan’s old phones and it has been playing up a lot so I said I would get her a new phone for an early birthday present.

I then collected Azzan, and picked up Shoshannah and headed back to Ross & Andrea’s.
Mahalia was dropped back a bit later.
Andrea gave the kids their piano lessons and then cooked dinner while Ross & I were busy sorting out some business stuff.
Throughout the day there had been many phone calls to do with the boat drama.
I had been far too busy to deal with any of it so Ross helped to get it all sorted, well he made some major inroads towards getting it resolved.
I had to leave just before 7pm as I was meeting Phillipa at Speights for dinner.
It was really good to just have a few hours together.
We spent a luxuriously long and slow amount of time devouring our food as we talked.
So long and slow that the waitress kept thinking we had finished & wanted to clear off our plates, when all we were doing was pausing in the eating process so we could talk.
Can’t hurry good conversation!
Especially when between us we are busy mothers with 18 children, 10 son/daughter-in-laws and several grandchildren and both running family businesses.
Not often do we have uninterrupted unlimited time to enjoy that time together.

We weren’t quite the last to leave winky





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