Friday 24th May




Another early start so we could get into the city by 9am.
The girls were all up and packed and we were saying goodbye to Ross at 8am.
It was great actually because it gave me time to pop in to the courier and pick up a parcel for Sebastian, and then also to zip into Burnsco and get something else for him.
He is busy working on the Tardis, tidying it all up and catching up on all the maintenance that has been let slip so he needed stuff for that.

Then I dropped the Regulus in to U-Save Tyres to get the new tyres fitted and balanced.
I had the use of a courtesy car so we were soon away.
Dropped Shoshannah off at Katherine’s then we stopped in to see Leeanne to talk about some fabrics she is making up for me.

I had a 10am appointment at the bank so set Mahalia off to go see if she could find herself a dress for Jesika’s wedding.
Once my meeting with the bank manager was finished I met up with her again and was pleased to hear she had actually found something.
As it is now winter I wasn’t sure she would.
So we went and had a look and decided it was perfect.
Plus it was on sale – double bonus!

Dave called up to say my tyres were on and the vehicle was ready to go so I zipped back and collected it before meeting up with Valerie at Hanger 58.
Nathan and Mahalia came too.
It was really nice to sit and chat – hadn’t seen Valerie in a while even though I drive past her bay everytime I go to town.

Paula from The Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust arrived at 11:30am and we chatted for a while before the Nelson Mail reporter and photographer arrived to interview me.
They are preparing for their annual appeal and need loads of support to keep doing the awesome job they do.
So if anyone out there feels inclined to support them please, please do so.
There is a donation link on their website.
They are such an important asset to our community.

Mahalia walked into the cbd to meet up with Shoshannah.
They hung out with Katherine and had lunch together.
Nathan didn’t have to start work for a while so I asked him if he would like to have lunch with me.
We met up at Morrison Street Cafe.
It was freezing cold outdoors so we were quite pleased to find one free table inside.
Food was great.
I had the Roasted Chicken, Quinoa & Pumpkin Salad – it had Roasted chicken, quinoa, pumpkin, red onion and walnuts tossed with a mustard and maple dressing – and was deliciously filling.
It was good to have some one on one time with Nathan, we don’t do that often enough.

The afternoon was fast disappearing so I gave my boy a last few hugs and headed off to find the girls.
We had another look in Jeans West, bought some veges, got fuel and groceries and some hire dvds.
Then a last stop at Starbucks and we were off home.
It was around 5:30pm.
The evening was cold, drizzley, grey, yucky and generally a miserable reminder that winter is upon us bummed

We had a good drive home.
The rain lessened to nothing by the time we left the main road.
Got to the top of the hill at 8pm and stopped to talk to Graham for a few minutes and then popped in to visit Anson & Marah.
It was nice to get home and find the lights on and fire going.
Thanks Anson for doing that – made it so much more welcoming

The girls helped unpack the Regulus and we were soon all off to bed.







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