Saturday 25th May




We had a very slow relaxed sorta day.
Both fires were going so the house was toasty warm.

Seb arrived at 8am to pick up his stuff and spent most of the day working on the Tardis.
Shoshannah made a large stack of buckwheat pancakes and some cashew cream.
She served me up a pile with blueberries.
Very nice but too filling for me at that time of the day.

I hopped in the spa and watched some episodes of ‘Frasier‘ while having a soak.
I had not seen it before but found it at the hire place and thought it might be light hearted, easy to watch, and it is happy

Marah & Anson came round to visit.
Anson was in mission mode so went off to do some stock work.
Marah stayed for most of the day.
I made us some lunch, the girls made their own.
We just hung out and chatted.
Pretty chilled – nice.

Seb brought Phoebe back with him after lunch so we had some more girl time.
Mahalia went fishing.

I had offered for Phoebe to use the computer and internet to load their holiday photos on FB but it was getting late so she let me load them for her after she left.
I have decided I must be the best mother-in-law around winky
I loaded them all on and never touched her site even though the girls were encouraging me to!!
It is all safely logged out now Phoebe xxxx
Phoebe drove home and dropped Marah off on the way.
Seb took the dinghy back.

Mahalia fried up the fish and boiled some spuds and and I made a salad.
Shoshannah had a pile of fresh fruit and buckwheat pancakes.
We sat on my bed and watched 2 movies while we had dinner.
Shoshannah had hired ‘Legally Blonde 2 and 3’.

Now the girls have gone off to bed and it is time for me to snuggle down.
Am getting texts from Azzan in Auckland telling me he can’t sleep.
Funny that he didn’t want to take a phone with him but now he is using it.
I think he might be missing me – maybe winky





One thought on “Saturday 25th May

  1. Haven’t been able to fit in the time to jump on FB for awhile,but just caught up on your posts-lovely pics as usual.You sure know how to capture some good ones! I think there’s going to be a lot of pumpkin soup consumed at Port ligar this winter 🙂 Praying for Marah,Anson & Grandma 🙂

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