Monday 27th May




Murphy’s Law!
After going to bed and sleep so early last night I woke at 4:30am.
Spent the next few hours updating my blog and catching up on mail.
Then hopped into the spa and watched some of ‘Frasier’.
The storm hit in the early hours.
I could hear the rain and wind lashing the house.
When I looked out all the stuff Azzan had left outside his room on the decking had been blown about and the ladder had sailed along the deck and smashed a plant pot.
It was all over soon after dawn.

Anson & Marah left for a couple of days in town.
Marah had her hospital visit scheduled.
Anson was intending to transport some posts and timber to the treatment plant but because the weather was so rubbish when they were leaving he decided against taking the trailer.
They went picking up pumpkins instead.

I intended to get some more of the ‘Spring’ cleaning done but ended up in the study most of the day.
Seb came over so we talked over some things.
He has spent all the past week working on the Tardis, getting it cleaned up and back into working order.
He has contracting work lining up to do so had phone calls throughout the day getting that all sorted.
It is all weather reliant.
Her needed a crew, found several sources, but then it was all put on hold for a day because the forecast was not good.

Mahalia has learnt how to chop wood and is pretty pleased with herself.
We now have piles of chopped wood at the backdoor.
She went for a walk to find Olly and brought him back home.

Shoshannah spent her day doing her birds and chickens, feeding puppies, reading her book, and cooking.
She made butter chicken and rice for dinner.
I added some roast parsnip & yams.
While dinner was cooking I washed up the days dishes and Mahalia fed Archie.
He is growing into such a fat wee porker.

Mahalia and I did a few minutes of sorting stuff in my bedroom before dinner too.
I have a goal of what I want to achieve, it is just taking me a while to get there!

We piled onto my bed with our dinner plates and watched ‘A Shine of Rainbows‘.
It was a lovely movie, gentle and slow. But not so slow as to loose our attention.
It gave a message of how love given to a complete stranger could transform people in such a positive way.

Got a call from Anson to say they were at the hospital and Marah was not allowed to come home and he was having to rethink his work plans for the coming week too.
Nothing like babies to put all our plans into disarray winky

Talked to her later and apparently her blood pressure is too high so they are putting her on meds and monitoring her closely.
Depending on what happens she may have to stay in the ward until babe arrives.
She is in good spirits and baby is fine.
Prayers for her and babe please.
And for a good labour and safe delivery.





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