Wednesday 29th May




I woke at 3:30am.
Managed to stay sorta sleeping until 4:30am when I gave up.
I decided to get up and make the most of the peace and quiet to get my bedroom floor cleared.
I sorted all the stuff, put away clothes and shoes, got rid of some stuff and then re-shelved the rest.
I watched Sebastian head off out the bay after 5am to do his first contract harvest.
Around 6am I headed out into the cold and spent an hour in the spa while I watched some more Frasier episodes.
They are very clever.

Shoshannah was up before 7pm.
I carried on with the cleaning up, plus I had some business things to deal with.
Had a lovely phone call with my friend Erena – was really good to catch up..
Then Anson arrived with these two wee critters

He has two bitches with pups at the moment so the kids have lots to fuss over.

Then it was up to unload the truck of all the pumpkins Anson & Marah harvested on Monday.


Anson & Shoshannah sorted them all out and then the girls started cutting the ones that needed using first.

Phoebe drove over to help.

Then she went with Anson to help pack up all Marah’s gear and the baby bag.
Marah had gotten caught out and had nothing in town with her.

The girls carried on and did quite a few more pumpkins.
They cut, skinned and boiled.
Then later Shoshannah mashed and froze them down ready to make into soup later.
Mahalia took a break to go fishing.
She seems to have gotten addicted to it – really good.
She gets exercise and fresh air and the cats get fed, and sometimes we do too.


Phoebe sorted through all my stash of baby clothes and took a heap home to wash.
She had a few naps on the sofa by the fire throughout the arvo.

I carried on cleaning my room and got heaps of things moved.
Making progress!

Graham came by later in the arvo and fixed the back door handle as it had broken again.
He also helped me with some other measuring I had to do.

There is an article in tonight’s paper about us and the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust.
It was a really positive write up.
Just a shame that they don’t seem to proof read their articles properly before publishing these days whatevah

Shoshannah had a smoothie and headed off to bed to watch more of ‘Downtown Abbey’.
Mahalia & I had an easy dinner tonight.
Saveloys, eggs, beetroot & cheese and toast.
We watched some more Frasier, I drifted off to sleep a couple of times so decided it would be best to get everything cleaned up and actually go to bed.

Sebastian arrived back in around 9pm.
I hopped out of bed to scan and email a document for him and then he zipped off home.
Long day for him.

Anson has been phoning throughout the evening with updates.
Sounds like a baby is imminent pleased






2 thoughts on “Wednesday 29th May

  1. Haven’t been able to fit in the time to jump on FB for awhile,but just caught up on your posts-lovely pics as usual.You sure know how to capture some good ones! I think there’s going to be a lot of pumpkin soup consumed at Port ligar this winter 🙂 Praying for Marah,Anson & Grandma 🙂

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