Thursday 30th May




I was awake early so finished watching Frasier.
Then began work in the study.
I was on a mission to get it cleaned up.
I fully intended to get through the shower and get dressed early.But it never happened until quite late this arvo!
And by then the hot water was cold bummed


I spent all day cleaning the study and moving furniture in my bedroom with Shoshannah’s help.
I am beginning to get my bedroom the way I want it now.
Still got a lot of things to sort through but at least it is recognisable as a bedroom now.
I had a lot of documents to scan and upload.
Got some really gutting news this arvo.
Looks like we have a fight on our hands to get this mess sorted.
Some very untrue accusations are being leveled at me.
I so hoped things could be worked out amicably but looks unlikely.
Once again, only the lawyers will win whatevah

I decided to head out to town tonight rather than risk and icy early morning drive tomorrow.
So I put the skates on and got the paperwork as tidy and sorted as I could.
Then finished off the bedroom as best I could – at least the bed got shifted to its new position and the floor was vacuumed.
The rest will wait till I return.

Seb came up after he had done some mussel work.
I gave him a pile of his father’s papers to sort through.
He got some done – it’s going to take a while.
Tim had piles of papers everywhere and you can’t just throw them out cuz there are important things written all over.

Shoshannah is going round to Anson & Marah’s to feed the pups twice a day.
She is also doing most of the cooking.

Mahalia helped with some cleaning and then tackled her room.
She went fishing later in the arvo.
She seems to enjoy sitting curled up on the end corner of the wharf catching fish no matter what the weather.
While she was there today a young fella arrived in his kayak.
I knew he was coming but didn’t realise the day had disappeared so quickly and greeted him through my study window just after 4pm, still in my pjs!
He presented me with a couple of fish to go towards dinner.
Shoshannah made a delicious mixed vege roast and zucchini fritters.

Brando Yelavich is tackling a really great mission raising awareness and money for Ronald McDonald House Charities NZ.
He is traveling solo around the entire coastline of New Zealand living off the land, the sea and the kindness of others.

I left home just before 8pm.
Drove straight out to Nelson.
Stopped briefly at Hanger 58 and then met Anson at the hospital for a few minutes update chat.
Marah had not long been moved into the delivery suite and things were finally beginning to progress, so I am now going to snuggle down in the hopes that we get a call during the night with some good news.
The rest of the family are all waiting excitedly.
It’s been a long week!





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