Monday 24th June

It was pure luxury not to have to bolt out of bed before 7am and leave the house by 8am.
I had no children here and no appointments I had to be at till midday.
I decided at 9am I had better go have my shower though so the day didn’t completely turn to custard due to my slothfulness.

I talked with Ross for a wee while and then headed off soon after 10:30am.
Went straight to MacMillans pottery and had a really lovely chat with Tim’s cousin Hugh.
He was very helpful.
Found a selection of what I wanted and left to think it over.
Then just had time to zip into Richmond and change Shoshannah’s new tan boots at No1 Shoe Warehouse for the black ones on hold there.
Then it was onto the motorway and into the city centre.
Had time to post mail and get myself a frappaccino before going to my midday appointment with my insurance advisor.
That took just over an hour.
Was good to get some stuff rolling as I hadn’t reviewed my policies since Tim died.
Circumstances are quite different now so need to get them sorted.

I then had time to race down and see Leeanne and try on a dress she is making for me.
Then at 2pm I met up with Victoria at Hangar 58.
I was really hungry so had lunch while we caught up.
It has been ages since we have had time to socialize.
Loads going on with her family so great to hear all their news and plans.
Shoshannah breezed through after her course was finished for the day.
She picked up her new boots – they look great on her feet – she is happy.
She had really enjoyed her first day at the hairdressing course.
She went off into town to shop on her way back to Katherine’s.
Nathan arrived – he was starting work a bit later but came in early to see me.
Victoria had to head off so I stayed and talked with Nathan for a while.

Then as the afternoon was disappearing quickly and I didn’t want to get caught in the post 5pm traffic I also zipped off to do the last minute things.

I stopped at the United Videos to pick up a movie.
When I got back to the Regulus the key wouldn’t open the door.
I was beginning to wonder what to do.
I tried opening the back glass, it opened and I was standing there holding it up contemplating if I should try and shinny myself in through the back window and over the seats to open the door from the inside when a lady pulled up with a young lad.
So I asked if I could borrow him.
He quickly squirmed in and opened the door for me.
What a relief!
When I got back to Richmond Ross took a look and found my keys which are copies of the original are all a tad short cuz they have been copied from the worn old one.
So if I wiggle it a certain way the locks will all open.
I think I will pay a visit to the Nissan centre and see if I can get a new key – it might be easier and less embarressing.

Had soup and a delicious stirfry dinner with Ross & Andrea, and some of Mahalia’s pumpkin pie which went down a treat with ice cream and yoghurt,  and then they went out to an evening at their church.
I came downstairs and watched a movie ‘Silver Linings Playbook‘.
It had been recommended by a friend but it took me a while to get into it.
It had a really good finale though.
I ended up watching the movie on a small screen in one corner, reading my knitting pattern from the bottom of my screen, I started knitting a wee cardigan tonight, and then chatting with Jesika on FB chat.
How’s that for multi tasking??

Now it is time hit my pillow.
Have to be a bit more on the ball tomorrow.
No sleep in for me.


Just an extra aside that I want to record here so I don’t forget.

I was speaking on the phone tonight with a guy from Auckland who we have known professionally for well over 10 years.
I had phoned him a month or so back to discuss some business and because he is quite a talker it had taken me quite a while to interject into the conversation and tell him that Tim had died.
At the time he went incredibly quiet.
I thought it unusual because he is never quiet, but also later thought it a tad amusing to actually hear him speechless, but then I realized he was shocked.
However, when speaking to him tonight after a while he said he had to tell me something.

When I had phoned him he said he thought Tim & I were on two lines because  that he could hear Tim talking in the background.
He thought he must’ve had his hand over the receiver and was talking to one of the kids.
And as he was just about to say ‘G’day Tim’ he heard Tim say ‘tell her thank you from me’.
And in that split second I told him that Tim had been killed.
So he was doubly shocked – hence his speechlessness.
So last night he passed on the message, because in retrospect, he felt Tim was saying to me – ‘Thank you’.




2 thoughts on “Monday 24th June

  1. Thanks for sharing the story about the phone call Raewyn, how beautiful that it happened and that he was able to share it with you. Who know about such things? I surely believe that when there is such a close bond as you and Tim shared, all things are possible. Sending you much love.

    Rob oxox

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