Tuesday 25th June

No sleeping in for me today.
I was up and ready with time to sit and chat with Andrea before she left at 8am.
Then before 9am I was heading down the road and meet up with Azzan.
Chrissy brought him in and we met up at McMillan’s Pottery as they were opening the doors at 9am.
Transferred the boy and his bag and gave Chrissy a thankyou hug and then went to do business with Hugh.
Got what I wanted and then we were steaming off down the road towards the big smoke.
Our first port of call was Monaco Village so Sandy could crop some of Azzan’s locks.
Of course there was the great debate as to what was wanted.
I’m sitting there saying ‘just cut it all off’, but no, they had to have a serious discussion as to the style etc.
Good grief!
Isn’t this kid only 10?
What a fashion plate!IMG_2919


Soon the decision was made and it was off with the locks and the floor was quickly showered in pinkness.IMG_2920

It’s a serious business this 😉IMG_2924

Payment in hugs 🙂IMG_2926

No wonder Sandy loves this client xxxIMG_2927


I had an appointment at 11am which I did not want to be late for so we headed into town.
I dropped my lad off at the library and headed to see Scott for some massage therapy on my shoulder, hip & knee.
He gave me a really good working over.
I felt heaps better after an hour there.

Zipped down to pick up Azzan and then we went out to meet up with Adrienne and Poppy for lunch at Crusoe’s.
That was fun.
We hadn’t seen each other in 4 months so lots to catch up on.
It was very pleasant sitting outside in the sun.
Quite a chilly nip in the air so we all were glad of our jackets, but after the long wet spell we were thirsty for our Vit D intake.
Adrienne took this pic of the crazy kids just before we left.photo

I had a few things I needed to do so we zipped around getting them all done.
Met up with Nathan and had a chat with him and Mike at the Hangar.
Whizzed over to the Nissan parts place next door to see if they could get me another key for the Regulus, but no, that wasn’t on their supplies list.
Zipped up to see Leeanne and try on my dress, whizzed into Creations to look for a large button.
Bought one that would do okay and then as I was about to leave spotted some more at the end of the counter which were just what I had been wanting so did a quick change and paid the extra.
$7.30 for a jolly button made out of coconut shell – crazeee!
Someone’s making a packet and I am darned sure it is not the ones who harvest the coconuts!

Then back to AA to see why Nathan’s card wasn’t showing up when he last used it only to find it was all ok, the lady on the phone he spoke to must’ve not had her glass on or something :-/

Then we whipped through Countdown to get some lunch food for Azzan before calling into Starbucks for a frappaccino to sustain me as we headed to Richmond.
I wanted to get out of the city well before 5pm, and I think we were well and truly up Rutherford Street by 4:45pm.
Wanted to go to the tile shop but knew if I did then we would definitely get caught in the traffic.
So I moved that job into tomorrows chore list.
Got Azzan back in time for a piano lesson which Andrea said went really really well.
She has found a new book which she thought he might prefer and apparently he loves it.
So lets hope this will activate a desire to practice more 😉

While they were busy I went off to visit Sasha.
Had a hot drink with her as we huddled over their heater.
Their house is in a state of undress & coolness while they are getting the fireplace all ready to install the new fire, and then do the painting of the living room walls.
David arrived home late – was held up on motorway by an accident.

I arrived back just in time for dinner.
Azzan had been wanting to watch a documentary called ‘Bully‘ so we had hired it overnight.
He had begun watching it with Andrea.
Really sad stuff.

Had a cosy evening together.
Azzan helped Andrea get some of her teaching manipulatives organized for school tomorrow.

Finally managed to get Azzan off to bed sometime after 9pm with a great deal of forceful encouragement!


Shoshannah posted this pic on her FB wall recently and I thought the words really contained the essence of how life is for us at the moment.




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