Wednesday 26th June


Another chilly morning.
Slept till 7am, so managed to get about 6 hours sleep in one stretch.
Was up in the kitchen before 8am so I could see Andrea before she left for school.
Woke Azzan at 8am.
He leapt into action.
A slightly heavier layer of ice all over the Regulus but it washed away reasonably easy with the hose.
I have been meaning to get Azzan a downie and this morning when he came out dressed for school in only 2 layers of  shirts I decided I needed to act.
I dropped him off at One Day School – he assured me the room was well heated and he would be absolutely fine – tough little nut he is!

He had been giving me a run down on fashion and how he likes to take old style garment and create a fashion look around them etc, and that I wasn’t to buy him a blue, green or red downie.
White or black would be fine thanks Mum 🙂
I headed straight into Nelson and went to Macpac and bought him a $279 down jacket for $99.
It was the smallest mens jacket they had, but the children’s sizes are really tiny and as he is growing fast it was a better buy.
And it was a black one!

I had time to fuel up the Regulus, fuel up me, get the jacket, and pick up Shoshannah’s bags before I went to counseling.
Afterwards I went to get my car key sorted.
The original one is 15 years old and very worn and bent and I had been having problems unlocking the vehicle.
The copies I had had cut were of course just copies of the bent key, so they were also not working properly.
I went to Rollos and they were able to computer generate a new key from the number on the original one.
So I now have a key, plus some extra copies of it, which actually works perfectly in all the car locks.
Brilliant – I can now unlock the passenger door – I had thought it was the locks that were the problem!!

Had time to pop into see Amanada & Julie at Nelson Beauty and book appointments for me and Jesika during the week before the wedding, plus got some samples for Nathan.
The winter climate seems to be drying out a lot of people’s skin and a more intense skin regime is required.
I zipped up to his new flat and dropped off the samples – he has a few days off work mid week.
Then I headed to Hangar 58 to have lunch with Sandy.
She hadn’t been there before so was raving ecstatic about the place.

I had the brand new $20 car key in my hand, hadn’t gotten a key ring for it yet, and when I went to put my things down on the seat it flew out of my hand and went straight down inside the back of the seat :-/
That caused a bit of excitement and we had to get Mike to operate on the bottom of the seat and get it out.
He then presented me with a bright blue Hangar 58 neck band to hang it on – so I won’t lose it now!
We ordered our lunch and enjoyed a lovely hour talking about wedding preparations.
Sandy is doing the girls hair and she had some great ideas about other matters too.

I had to leave just before 2:30pm so arranged to meet up again next week.
Met up with Chrissy at 2:30pm for a quick coffee and catch up at Starbucks.
Shoshannah walked down to meet us when her course was finished.
She has enjoyed the hairdressing course.
Another thought to add to her career option.

We headed off soon after 3pm, Shanni shot up to Leeanne and picked up my dress, and then we drove straight to Richmond.
I left her with Andrea to have her piano lesson and I headed back into town to go suss out some tiles.
Gabrielle picked Azzan up from school and then went off to do stuff so they arrived to pick up his bags just as I was about to leave.
Gave him his new downie, he was pretty rapt with it, and it fitted well with a bit of growth room but not too excessive.
He and Jack were looking forward to an evening together.
It is lovely for him to have the extra stimulation of his friends company when in town – he really thrives on it.

After sussing out the Tile Direct place in Quarantine Road I discovered another small tile shop in Haven Road so headed back there.
Finally a lady to serve me.
She was so helpful and had a really good eye.
So I now have some samples to think over.

It was after 5pm so it was a tad slow heading back out to Richmond, but I took the quicker route at that time of night through Stoke so I could call in to show Phillipa the tiles and get her opinion.
She was busy on the phone sorting out some electrical problems.
Had a quick cuppa and talked with her in between her calls and being on hold!
Then I had to race out the door so I could pick Shoshannah up from her guitar lesson at 6pm.
Andrea had walked down with her and then gone on to the supermarket.
As it was dark I didn’t want Shoshannah walking the streets alone.
Got there a few minutes before she finished so good timing.
Back to the house and relaxed while dinner was cooking.

Ross sorted out my Apple Care plan for my laptop which Apple had stuffed up.
That took quite a while and  unfortunately interrupted his dinner time with us.
Thanks for dinner Andrea – it was was delicious.
And thanks for sorting out yet another of my problems Ross – very much appreciated  😉

I did some knitting after dinner while introducing Nigel Latta to Andrea by watching some YouTube videos of him.
I am really glad I bought the extra skein of colored wool yesterday to add in with the white.
It is making the wee cardigan look so much more interesting.



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