Thursday 27th June

A very bleak overcast day in Nelson.
It was slightly warmer with no ice or frost but colder throughout the day cuz there was no sun.
There was some discussion with Shoshannah as to how cold it was.
My point was that she needed more layers on.
She reckoned she had enough.
But I wasn’t cold and I had an extra layer more than her so obviously she didn’t 😉

Ross & Andrea had already gone to work so Shoshannah and I packed up the car and locked the house.
We drove straight to CRT.
The girls both needed new gumboots so Shoshannah spent some time choosing them.
Gabrielle arrived to drop off Azzan.
Sounds like he had enjoyed his night with Jack.
Lots of craziness while they were trying to learn to play a new board game that Azzan had taken with him.
Finally managed to get Shoshannah to decide which gumboots to get, quickly restacked the bags in the back of the Regulus, waved bye to Gabrielle as she zoomed off to her meeting and we were on our way.

Shoshannah had a 10:15am appointment and as we were 40mins early for that she was happy for me to drop her near the hospital and she enjoyed a morning walk there to warm up and I was able to head straight into town.
I zipped up to see my lawyer and sort a few things out with him.
I am so over all the carry on and am hoping that things will be settled this coming week.
I then dropped Azzan off at the library while I headed to the port to go talk to the SGS folk and get my head around all the timeframes for the audits that both our boats have to undergo during the 4 year Maritime NZ survey cycles.

Picked up Azzan on my way back and went to meet Shoshannah at The Warehouse.
At least with her two walks she was able to warm up 😉
After she had found her hat we were on our way again.
I wanted to go meet up with Nathan.
He was at Nelson Beauty getting his skin sorted.
Both he and Shoshannah have had some trouble with dry sore red patches recently and Julie was reassessing his skin.
It seems to be a winter climatic thing cuz Julie and others are having the same problem.
Decided to go have some lunch together seeing as Nathan wasn’t working.
We sat outside in the watery sun at Morrison St Cafe.
No seats free indoors, so glad we all had our warm jackets on.
Azzan wouldn’t eat so he just watched us, he had a few mouthfuls of Shoshannah’s enormous plate of Pad Thai before we left.
She had to take half of it home as there was too much to eat in one sitting.
Nathan has moved flats and is finding the new one a tad cold so we went to look at heaters.
Checked out Noel Leeming and got some advice and prices.
Then headed back to The Warehouse.
Found some great deals going.
I bought 3 free standing heated towel rails @ $79 for each of the children to have in their rooms.
They will serve two purposes – take the chill off their rooms and also save washing cuz they can dry their own towels and not chuck them out each day.
Nathan found a 1500watt panel heater at $139 and when we paid for it it went through the checkout at $99.
The same thing at Noel Leeming as close on $300.
Nathan also found warm fluffy king size sheets at $30 a set and cost mink blankets for $30.
All in all a very satisfyingly warm shopping spree 🙂
It was funny getting everything into the vehicle as we were already quite full.
When packing it up I was only budgeting on having 2 children in the car so adding Nathan plus all the shopping really stretched the boundaries!
We crammed everything in and Nathan squeezed into the front seat with his heater crammed in on top of him.
When I asked if he could manage to do up his seat belt there was lots of loud choking response 🙂
Thankfully he only lives a couple of minutes away so we were very quickly unloading him and his things.
Left him to unpack it all and enjoy the rest of his day off.
We didn’t have anything much left to do.
I wanted to pop into Mana Bookstore and look for something special for some special someones.
Shoshannah walked up and got a lettuce from the vege shop – that was the extent of our grocery shopping this week!
While I was wandering the shelves looking for something Sunni called me.
She and Mat are home from their holiday in the Maldives.
It is so good to hear her sounding so happy and well.
She is around 6 months pregnant and after a pretty rough start is now blooming.
While talking with her, despite having circumnavigated the shelves several times and not seeing it I finally spotted exactly the right thing – just the perfect present!
So bought it, said my goodbyes to Sunni and zipped back to the kids who were waiting patiently in the car.

Drove through Burger KIng and got Azzan the new burger.
He pronounced it the best he’d had ever!
We were out of town by 3:30pm.
Had a good drive home.
Azzan was plugged into his dvd player watching ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and Shoshannah had her iPod plugged into the car speakers.
She dozed and I drove and listened to her music.
Interjecting her sleep occasionally to ask her who was singing the various songs, she had it on shuffle and I didn’t know some of them and yo do need to know these things!   😉

The sun was setting as we got to the top of McLaren’s hill just on 5pm.
It was glorious watching it sinking into the western horizon.
Only 6 minutes between the first and last photo and then it was all gone with only streaks of colour painting the night sky.


Anson was getting a barrowload of wood in when we went past so stopped to talk to him and unload some of their stuff.
Mahalia was back home with the fire blazing and dinner cooking.
It was lovely to walk into a warm clean home.
Thanks Halia – you did good xxxx

I called up Phillipa to tell her about the heaters and while talking  I managed to screw the legs onto each of the kids ones and we soon had them plugged in and going.
They warmed up really fast so hopefully they will let the distance and do the job.

I hopped into my cosy bed.
Needed to wind down so watched the last half of ‘The Tide of Life’ and did some knitting.
I quite like knitting while watching a movie on the laptop.
I can see both right in front of me.
Whereas if I am watching the big screen I have to keep looking from one to t’other and cannot concentrate on both as easily.
Got quite a bit done tonight.IMG_2981





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