Friday 28th June

A day at home.
Calm, clear and jolly cold!
When I woke Seb was already out on the water working, taking advantage of the calm morning doing mussel work on ‘Tardis’.
He spent the day tidying up all the farms.

Azzan beat me to the spa so when I got in it was at a nice temperature.
Not too hot, which meant I was able to wallow in there and watch an episode to ‘Numb3rs’.
Glad I did take that time out though cuz I really didn’t stop much for the rest of the day.

The hot water was cold cuz the wood stove hadn’t been lit while we were away.
Because I had cleaned all the ash out it was hard to light and keep going easily so Mahalia had kept the other fire going instead.
Shoshannah got the fire going while she had her breakfast and Azzan tried to do the stack of dishes.
But he decided it was easier to wait for the fire to heat the water than to boil the jug many times, so the dishes didn’t get finished until much later.
He went and unpacked his bag and tidied his room instead.
I got all our town washing through the machine and dryer.
Shoshannah made Okonomiyaki for lunch.
Mahalia disappeared.
Discovered later that she had taken Olly for a ride.
She met up with Marah, who decided to join her & take Eden for an impromptu early-still-in-pjs-walk and they all arrived around here late morning.

It was absolutely freezing outside talking to her but she wanted to head back home to shower & feed babe etc.
But when Anson arrived in for a coffee she decided to come in and join us for coffee and food.
It was warm and cosy inside and we sat around talking.
Anson’s arm is still incredibly painful but he is pushing himself to do what he can.
He had been out chainsawing trees and undergrowth back to clear the roads.
Not the best job bit one that needed to be done.

Eden slept, then she woke and had a feed, and then she got cuddles.
And time disappeared.IMG_2983



The mailboat arrived around 2pm with lots of goodies in the bag.
A cool parcel from my BFF Jacqui,all the way from Western Austraila, for Eden.
Cute girlie clothes and a soft grey teddy.
So lovely – thanks so much Jac – Marah loves the wee clothes.

Then there was a box for me.
I started opening it but when I got a glimpse of the contents I shut it quick and decided to open it later when I was alone 😉
Thanks Bri & Nick for the delicious care package – I will definitely enjoy all of these delicious treats xxxxxIMG_3001

Anson decided he needed to go home for lunch about 3pm so he headed off on the quad bike.
He did offer to tow the buggy behind but Marah opted to walk back – bit safer methinks 😉

Sebastian came in when he finished work to pick up the new ships log books.
Great to finally have them.
When we got the ‘Tardis’ back we had discovered that the logbook had finished in September so there was no legal record by the skipper since then.
Just another nail in his coffin :-/
We had a chat about what work he’d done over the week and what was coming up.
He’s doing good and getting things sussed.
Has lots of mentors in the industry only too happy to help which is great.

Estelle phoned while we were talking so I said I would phone back.
Then I had to get dinner on, then the phone went flat and then when I did call her back around 9:30pm she didn’t answer the phone!!
I did try Estelle – so call me!!

Azzan asked me if we were going to have a real dinner tonight so I thought it was time to raid the freezer and get some ‘real’ food underway.
It really was not a good day to be spending time digging in the freezer – so I was pretty quick and didn’t dig too deep.
Got out some pumpkin and chicken stock and started some soup.
Boiled up some plums to have for breakfast.
Thought I would make some yoghurt to have with them, only to find that a mouse had been in the pantry and had attacked the yoghurt sachets.
I was so annoyed to find the critter/s had chewed holes in about 6 packets.
Only had four packets untouched.
So have donated the contents of the showed packets to Archie – didn’t feel like sharing our food with a mouse 😦
I am hoping that the mouse/mice was the ones that Shoshannah has already caught.
But traps are set waiting just in case!!

Found sausages, corn, capsicum in freezer so made them into a casserole with some onions.
Added chili & soy sauce, brown sugar and raspberry vinegar.
Did a pot of mashed potatoes as well.
A ‘real’ meal that deliciously filled all of our tummies.
We watched ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ while eating.
So funny and also such a sad indictment of society.

Jesika & Shoshannah wanted to skpye so they connected on my laptop in my bedroom while I was finishing up out in the living room and getting the other two darlings off to bed.
Mahalia is usually last one off to bed these days – I often am in mine before she is anywhere near hers!

I wanted to go to bed so I sent Shoshannah off to bed at 10pm and then I skyped with Jesika will midnight.
Wedding talk etc takes time.
Plus hearing all about what has been happening in her life over in the big smoke of Melbourne.
Enjoyed a mug of Caramel Latte while talking.
I don’t usually drink coffee but these are rather tasty, I think the sweetness outweighs the normal bitterness of the coffee.
Thanks Bri & Nick.
Every time I have a drink I will think of you both xxxx
Wound my evening down with an episode of ‘Numb3rs’ and fell asleep at 12:45am.

One thought on “Friday 28th June

  1. 1/8 cup of baileys, a caramel latte sachet, hot water, then you bite off both ends of the tim tams and suck your coffee through the cookie… and do it in the dark so the calories don’t count. xx

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