Saturday 29th June

Actually slept in till 8am today.
Might have slept longer had not been for a text waking me up.
But that’s all cool, it was a respectable hour.

Shoshannah was up bout then too.
She had a day of cleaning in the kitchen, living room, washhouse, the place looks much better now.
I stayed in bed and blogged, then Sandra phoned so we talked a while.
So it was mid morning before I got out into the spa.
Seb was working on the mussels out front by then.
I watched half a ‘Numb3rs’ episode then got myself dressed and out to the kitchen.
Cleaned up the bench and got some plums and yoghurt for breakfast, ate that while watching last of the episode.
Did the spa chemical run and got it up to sparkle again.

I decided to clean out my knitting bag so that was spread over the kitchen table for a while cuz I kept getting side tracked onto other things.
Got the washing done.
Cleaned the wood stove, had to attack it with a steel thingee it was desperately in need of a clean.
Looks much better now.
Mahalia & Azzan were in a crazy mood.
They were making Azzan’s costume for camp.
They spent yesterday glueing old cds onto his pants.
Today they made the suspenders out of rubber bands – no wonder I never can find any when I need them!!
Or when I do they are all linked together and it is quite a process to get just one :-/IMG_3014


Demented children 😉

Mahalia is starting to pack her bags for her Auckland holiday.
Azzan is going to miss Halia while she is gone despite that they drive each other nuts most of the time!

Anson came round and helped the kids get a truck load of firewood.
They unloaded it and stacked it in the clean tidy woodbine that Mahalia spent yesterday making all nice.

Halia went round to visit Marah & Eden later this arvo.
I finished sorting my knitting – have also finished the back of the cardigan.

Called up Jude in Chch and had a chat with her.
She sent me the wool that I am knitting now, it was really good to hear she is so much better after her op a few months back.
She was thrilled to have found out afterwards that the cardiac specialist who did her op was non other than our friend Dougal.
That has made her feel doubly better 🙂

Spent time in the study trying to make a difference in there.
It is in such a mess – papers for Africa, all over the place.
I have been trying to file and clean but keep getting distracted and it is just going from bad to worse.
It is not like me to be in such a disorganized state, I hate it, but just haven’t got the energy to get it all sorted.
Joy phoned up so we had a long talk.
Then it was time to get some dinner thinking happening.
Decided we could eat leftover last night casserole and some of Sandra’s macaroni cheese from the freezer.
So it is very easy tonight – just heating what each of us wants and the kids are eating while watching a movie in the lounge.
I was in the kitchen earlier and all of a sudden just started crying.
Am still feeling quite tearful.
Don’t feel like eating or sharing my room with kids tonight.
Azzan has a 6th sense that seems to know when I am not feeling great.
He brought me a poem he had just written and gave me a big hug.

When a good man dies
don’t forget his good soul
even when it feels like you’re empty
and your best friend’s a black hole.
When a good man dies
everyone feels empty inside
and even when your love for him
was mega miles wide.
When I see a good man’s died
All I did was cry
So don’t forget when a good man dies.


Ended up in bed with my dinner, skyping with Jesika, and then watching ‘Safe Haven’ on my own.
Azzan was snuggled into his bed with a book nice and early.
Mahalia cleaned up the kitchen and Shoshannah added photos to Facebook.

Nice quiet earlyish night.

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