Wednesday 24th July

Bit of a slow start to the day.
The house was very quiet.
I got up and then went back to bed for a while.
Finally around 10am decided it was time for a shower.
Nathan wandered out around 10:30am and lit the fire and crashed out in front of his laptop.
I cleaned up the kitchen and declared breakfast was available after Mira appeared a bit later.

Nathan and I spent the next hour or so sorting bank accounts and finances.
Because the kids and I have changed all our banking from TSB over to BNZ we needed to get his weekly payments set up and talk over budgets etc.
It is hard to make ends meet and budget easily when you are only earning base hourly rate and are on casual shift work so don’t know exactly what will be in your pay each week.
I was trying to access my online banking on my laptop but for some reason couldn’t get into it.
Nathan was able to access his on my laptop so I called up online help and then spent the following hour telling various people the problem and then being put on hold over and over.
While I was waiting I tried using my iPhone to log in and was able to, so sat and did some banking on that while waiting for the ‘help’ to actually help!
Finally they decided they couldn’t help me and that it was a problem affecting not just me, that they were aware of others and were trying to fix it and that I needed to go back to my own branch and talk to whoever set it up.
Well that was a very useful waste of an hour :-/

While I was doing that Nathan & Mira made themselves some lunch.
While I made mine I suggested that as it was such a lovely day they really should head outside for a walk.
After all Mira hasn’t been here before so Nathan really should go show her around.
So they took off for a wander.
I started watching ‘Bride Wars‘ while I had my lunch.
It’s a funny chick flick – nice and light and fluffy – just what I needed 🙂

Sebastian brought Phoebe over mid arvo to help get dinner ready.
Nathan and I already had the roast cooking in the wood stove  so Phoebe got to work and prepared the veges.
Murray had a day off work so caught me on Skype, I ended up chatting with him for a while.
Seb, Nathan & Mira arrived back so he enjoyed catching up with them too.
It all got a tad noisy with everyone in the kitchen so I took my laptop to the study and talked for a while longer.
Phoebe had the roast veges in the oven when I finished so I made the cauliflower cheese and the gravy.
Also put on a pot of carrots while we waited for Anson & Marah to arrive back from town.
It was 9 years ago today that Marah’s Mum died so they had gone out to meet up with her bro and extended family for lunch at Smugglers.
The boys munched their way through a couple of bags of chips and watched more of the series Nathan is engrossed in at the moment.
Mira went off for a nap.
Phoebe & I talked and I was able to cast on my new knitting project.
I have been getting some not too nice twinges in my back when I make certain movements and tonight they were a lot worse.
Sorta feels like if I just do one wrong move my back will ‘go out’, so I was being a bit careful as to how I was bending and moving but it got worse as the afternoon went on.

We decided to carve the meat and serve dinner around 8pm.
First roast meal in a long time.IMG_3200
Mira is a vegetarian so there was a lot of teasing and bantering from my carnivores 🙂
Phoebe & I had made sure everything was ‘kosher’ except the platter of meat, despite what the boys kept trying to tell her 🙂IMG_3203

Anson & Marah arrived soon after with a very distressed wee Eden.
The two days of traveling was quite hard on her and she was very tired and windy.
She just wanted her Mum so we packed up Marah’s dinner for her to take home and eat later when they were both feeling better.
Poor wee darling – this socializing business is just way too exhausting.

A very socialable lot – wonder if they were texting each other 😉

Once Anson arrived the bantering got way worse.
Poor Mira was getting hassled mercilessly!
Not only is she vegetarian but she also happens to be German and Nathan just happens to be able to impersonate a very badly spoken English speaking German.
Anson is even worse.
We were all in stitches.
I was very pleased to see Mira show that she can stand up for herself 🙂
Tiramisu for dessert – went down very nicely.
Although there was an awful lot left over.
Tiramisu for breafast anyone??

Anson finally took his wee family back home – they had had two long days and were very tired.
Seb & Phoebe left a wee while later.
While Nathan & Mira did the dishes Jesika skyped.
It was good timing – she was able to chat with Nathan about his role at the wedding.
Naturally he is organizing the drinks and bar staff.
Nathan & Mira went off to bed as it was getting late.
We carried on talking despite it being such a bad connection – most frustrating when you are sitting there talking to yourself and don’t realize the connection has dropped :-/
Jesika was very happy as she finally felt she had pretty much everything under control and all her lists in order and ticked off.
Anyway, by 11pm I was knackered so said goodbye and headed off to my bed.
Lay back and finished watching my movie and finally snuggled down around midnight.
The electric blanket was really good for my back tonight.

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