Thursday 25th July

Morning movement began slightly earlier today.
Nathan was up as he was expecting Anson to come round and help him cut up a mutton.
Mira & I chatted over breakfast while waiting for Seb & Phoebe to arrive.
They turned up around 11am.
Seb was wanting to get out to town and try and get through his list.
So I hurried Nathan & Mira to pack up and get moving along.
They were all loaded and ready to go around midday.
Lots of huge goodbye and they were gone.
It was good to have Nathan home even if it was only for a few days.
I know how hard it is for the older kids to come back and face home without their Dad being here to greet them.

House back to quietness again.
Sun is coming back fast now.
Mo was making the most of it and sunning himself on the trampoline.P1070866
I put a load of washing through and for the first time in several months was able to hang it on the line.

Left it out over night as the forecast was favorable.

Did a spot of cleaning up.
Topped up the firewood to keep the wood fire chugging along.
Made myself some lunch.
And under instruction from Sunni took myself off to bed and rested while watching a movie.
27 Dresses‘ – a pretty harmless chick flick.
I really like Katherine Heigl so she added to the viewing enjoyment.

Got up and made myself some dinner.
Pretty much eating through leftovers.
Sent home a large platter of leftover roast dinner and tiramisu with Anson for their dinner.

I hopped into bed and watched the rest of my movie.
Then started working on some online photo books.
I had some internet left to use up before midnight.
Got really involved in what I was doing so didn’t hit my pillow until 3am!
Stupid I know, but no-one here to worry me or tell me off :-/

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