Saturday 27th July

Woke early but thankfully was able to go back to sleep for a few more hours.
Got up at 8am and hopped in the spa with my book.
It is unbelievably quiet here.
Tried on some clothes which arrived in the mail.
I was hoping they would be ok for the wedding, but I am not happy so with the colours so now will have to make another decision :-/
Wasn’t feeling too great so gave breakfast a miss.
Washed my backlog of dishes instead.
Tears were pouring down my face as I did them.
Just all of a sudden felt really sad and empty.

Got both fires going, need to give the hot water a top up before it gets too cold.
With only me here not much hot water is getting used so haven’t needed to light the fire for several days.
Still windy here, gusts aren’t as violent as yesterday, but it is quite a cool wind.
Made myself a hot elderflower drink and went to attack the study.
It is in such a mess.
I went through several pile of things.
Got rid of a mountain of plastic & paper bags – amazing how many accumulate in the back corner where they get stuffed for ‘just in case’ times.
Refiled old company accounts ready for attic storage.
Then tackled a pile of old photos and letters.
They were quite nostalgic, put them aside for another day.
Called up Rachel for a chat about wedding stuff.
She was very helpful and helped me tick off another few things from the list.

It was then 3pm and I was getting hungry so fossicked for food and kicked back by the fire to watch a movie.
I’ve had the dvd of ‘Oranges & Sunshine‘ here for ages and only just gotten to watch it.
It is so good, but so tragically sad.
I have read a book about the Lost Children many years ago.
This is a story needing to be heard.

After my rest I got stuck into the study again with major vengeance.
Got rid of a heap of stuff.
I had mail from quite a few weeks of mail days piling up all over the place in no order at all.
I just couldn’t get my head around it all and it had gotten totally out of control.
Sorted all the current papers into piles –  to be filed, to be paid, to be replied to, and I now have a lot more order and space in there.
I can now tackle it more easily tomorrow.

I had just gotten into my dressing gown with the intention of heading off to bed around 7:30pm as I was quite weary when I heard a vehicle.
I thought Seb was taking the kids home with him and then bringing them over here in the morning.
But as it wasn’t too drastically late he decided to bring them straight home.
They were both very happy with their camp and pronounced it one of the best!
Azzan won the dress up competition 🙂
Mahalia forgot to take a photo of him so I might have to see if he will model his costume for me tomorrow.
They had already eaten so they took themselves straight off towards bed.
Mahalia came out for a wee chat, thankfully she is loads better than when I left her at camp.
Must be all the Vitamin C I was shoving into her!
I grabbed a bowl of ricies and banana for ‘dinner’ and hopped into bed and watched a movie, ‘Secrets’ by Danielle Steele.
Nice to have the kids back home again.
The silence here has been deafening.

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