Sunday 28th July

Woke at 6am.
Was sitting in bed blogging when Mahalia came in.
She was up and dressed and heading out to find Olly.
She put her pile of washing on before she left.
I got up to light the fires.
Cleaned out the wood fire, it was getting too clugged up with ash.
Got two buckets full from it!
Then headed to the study to pay some accounts.
Azzan was up and sorting out his clothes and tidying his room.
He was so funny.
I went in to see where he was at and he had all his clothes sorted into piles of matching outfits.
He was planning to hang them together, matching pants, tee shirts and over shirts.
His creative and colorful brain allows for nothing as simple and straightforward as to putting his clothes away in respective orderly drawers!

I finally had my shower.
Wanted to give the water time to really heat up as I didn’t want a luke warm shower.
Mahalia finally came back, she had been cleaning Olly from top to toe!

She hung out her washing and then cooked up some pasta for lunch.
The kids started their acting up again.
I was not impressed.
Told them that it actually had been rather pleasant not having them fighting  all this past week and to sort themselves out.
I was really teed off with them and they knew it!
I left them too it and they soon were friends again and being nice to each other.

Watched a move while I ate a late breakfast of fresh fruit and yoghurt – ‘Heartbeat‘, another Danielle Steele dvd.

Seb popped around to bring me stuff from town.
He has been getting stuff for ‘Tardis’ and working on maintenance while the weather has been rubbish.
Hoping the wind will have dropped to get out and start seeding soon.
Just waiting to hear when it will be going up on the slip for survey.
The slipway is booked solid but they are trying to squeeze us in as we will only be a small job in the scheme of things.

Played a few games of Monopoly Millionaire Deal with Azzan while Mahalia had her shower.
We have just bought the game in town so he was keen to have a go.
It is very similar to Monopoly Deal so easy to learn.

Made up a pot of soup for tomorrow.
Asked Azzan to watch and stir the capsicum as they fried.
They got burnt, but I was able to salvage  most of them.
He had decided he was pretty useless, but I assured him that I burnt food too.
And that it wasn’t cuz he was useless or dumb, just that he wasn’t being attentive to doing what he had been asked.
Then followed a great discussion as to whether the famous cooks/chefs had ever burnt food?

There was discussion as to whether anyone wanted dinner or not.
Finally decided that yes we did.
So I got some dinner on.
Made a salad with mashed spuds and lasagna toppers.
Nice and easy and very tasty.
Watched some of The Mentalist with the kids.
Mahalia made smoothies for dessert.
Tried to get some knitting done.
Got stuck so called up Wendy and Eilidh for help.
Between them both I got it sussed and had a lovely catch up chat with Eilidh at the same time.
Managed to do a couple of rows.
Then went to study to do some more work, ended up skype-ing Jesika and now it is past time for bed.



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