Monday 29th July

I was still awake when the 5.4 quake hit at 1:07am.
Even though it was a severe jolt and wasn’t too major over here it really unnerved me.
Took me a while to calm and get to sleep.

Woke before 8am with Azzan stomping down the hallway.
Got up and had a spa.
Mahalia was up early and baking treats – for the horse!!!
She cleaned up the dishes and kitchen.
She then went off for a ride on Olly.
He loved her biscuits.
Azzan hung out the washing and then vacuumed the living room.

Seb came to get Anson and they headed out to work in Tardis.
It was a perfect day for mussel working, flat calm and sunny.
We spent the morning cleaning up the living room and kitchen.
Marah & Eden walked round.
Hadn’t seen them for a week, Eden is growing so much, such a wee cutie.
Marah is a really good Mum.
It is lovely to see her and Anson with their wee poppet.

I wasn’t feeling too great.
Started feeling quite nauseated.
Had a slight headache which seemed to be stemming from my neck or back so took some Panadeine which kept it in check.
I made cheese scones and focaccia bread.
Both went down a treat for lunch with the soup.
I wasn’t happy with this lot of soup.
Not my normal best, but it was eaten so must’ve been edible.

Joy, Tony & Phil arrived in their boat just after midday.
We chatted over drinks and choccy biscuits for a while.
But when the conversation turned to wedding attire the guys decided to head off and look at machinery.
Phoebe arrived and then finally the guys came in from their mussel working.
We had a very happy lunch time together.
Lots of stories told of days gone by and gruesome accidents and events that our older children got up to.
And tales of mischief Tim created over the years.
Marah was able to join in lunch after Eden had hers and she cuddled up sleeping in Anson’s arms looking ever so sweet.
He has the magic touch ❤

Azzan wasn’t feeling too well so he headed off to bed for a while.
Mahalia had a sleep for a while and then went off to look for Olly again but he evaded her.

Sebastian went off in Tardis to pick up floats and then home to do some boat maintenance.
Tony, Phil & Joy left around 3:30pm to go catch some fish on their way home.
It was lovely to have them over – thanks for coming guys 🙂

It started getting cold again mid arvo so Iit the living room fire.
Phoebe & I sat and chatted by the fire for a while.
I was starting to get nauseous again.
The pain was coming from some tight muscle knots in my back so Phoebe gave them a real pummeling and I started feeling loads better.
Then she drove home to cook dinner for Seb.

The kids and I were not really hungry so no planned dinner tonight.
Just snacksville stuff.
Azzan was wanting to play a game of Monopoly Millionaire Deal.
I was wanting to head off to bed by 6pm.
I am so boring at the moment.
Just can’t do evenings.
All I want to do is curl up in my bed and tell the world to go away.


instead I sat shivering by the fire, I was so cold and headachy.
Mahalia got the fire cranked up and draped me with my dressing gowns.
Azzan gave me a foot massage and then we played Monoply Millionaire while Mahalia made smoothies for us all.
Then she made a pasta dish, which we ate whilst watching The Mentalist.
By this time the fire was generating so much heat that we were all cooking!

And now finally at 9:15pm I am in bed.
And a hoping that the two darlings are also on theirs!

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