Tuesday 30th July

This is the scene that greeted me when I opened my curtains this morning.
The fog was down almost to sea level.
Very ethereal.P1070880

I had a spa and then got busy in the study.
Azzan brought me a scone and muffin and a cup of Caramel Latte for my breakfast so I could eat while I was working.
Mahalia came and asked if we could go for a picnic.
She had ideas of kayaking but that just seemed a little too wet and cold to me.
So she called up Marah & Phoebe and we arranged to meet up the hill for a picnic lunch.
I was busy so left the kids to organize the picnic.
Mahalia did most of it.
Azzan had lots of ideas but wasn’t very focussed on taking them to fulfillment!
So when I got out to the kitchen at 12:20pm the sausages he wanted to take were still in the freezer :-/
I quickly got them boiling while we packed up the rest of the stuff.
Halia had enough food to feed an army – she did good 🙂
We were all loaded up and heading up the drive by 12:45pm so not too far behind schedule.
Stopped off at Marah’s and Mahalia ran in to see if she was still coming.
She & Eden were sound asleep 🙂
Mahalia woke her and they followed us up in the truck.
We got up the top and found Phoebe waiting for us in the sunshine.
Glorious day up there.P1070881

Phoebe hopped in with us and we drove along to the tailing yards to try and find the small fire drum that Tim used for his fires.
But we couldn’t find it so came back and found a sheltered place on the lee of the hill below the superbin to make a fire and have our picnic.
We gathered up rocks to make a fireplace.

Then we gathered sticks and lichen and the girls tried to make a fire.
Azzan brought his notebook with him and decided now was the perfect time to write!P1070886There was just enough breeze that lighting the fire was a tad tricky.
So we all gathered around it to block the breeze.
I also cheated a weeny bit and brought a small fire starter block from home to help get it going 😉P1070888

Marah arrived and sat in the truck to feed Eden before joining us.
I love this satisfied milky grin 🙂P1070892Just go away, I am too sleepy to picnic!P1070896Oh well, if I have to, I suppose I can wake up enough to join your picnic.P1070897
Phoebe made this cool toaster out of a branch and some twisted twigs.
Worked a treat 🙂P1070898 P1070899Then there was the multi sausage toasting machine in action as well!
She really was in an inventive mood today 🙂P1070900
Eden at her first Shand picnic – she was totally unimpressed with the essential smoke that always accompanies the food!P1070905 P1070906She got to have a cuddle with her Nonna and gave her Mum’s arms a rest.
She is one hefty wee baby, totally ‘build your biceps chick’ this one!!
So not impressed!P1070909But she has very smoodgy kissable cheeks!
Aunty Halia had a wee cuddle too.
Warming up Joy’s muffins over the fire marshmallow style, just the trick, made them even yummier 🙂P1070917Of course marshmellows were on the menu too.
Aunty Phoebe took Eden for a walk and rocked her off to sleep.
She was very contently snuggled up in all her blankets.
Eden’s singing makes Aunty Phoebe’s baby dance 🙂
Marah – the Port Ligar fashion plate 🙂P1070922

Anson arrived up on the quad bike with all his dogs.
He stopped and joined us for a few moments before heading off to go do some mustering.P1070925Just before we left I saw a small hobbit lurking in the woods.P1070928

Eden all snuggled up and strapped in.
Don’t worry, she was not going anywhere!!
She just looked real cute all propped up there so I strapped her in.
Marah stayed up the hill in the sunshine for a while to feed her after we left.P1070929

Graham got home last night so we stopped to chat with him on the way back down the hill.
Mahalia got out to walk and try to find Olly.
Azzan headed off with my camera and took a million photos!!
I love these ones of the spring flowers which are all blooming at present.
P1070956 P1070960
Azzan made this daffodil tree 🙂P1070970
I backed down to the house to unload.
I was deliberately trying to keep as far to the left as possible to allow room for folks to walk past once I had parked up.
I misjudged and hit a waratah, saw a blast of dust and heard an almighty woosh as the air abruptly escaped from the tyre.
Brand new tyre too.P1080001


Phoned up Seb and moaned on his shoulder.
He and Anson will sort it tomorrow.

The kids arrived in.
I got Azzan unpacking and cleaning up the picnic stuff and Mahalia got firewood in.
I made a quick dinner of nachos and beans for Azzan and myself.
Mahalia had salad.
We watched several episodes of The Mentalist.
I managed to get a few rows of knitting done.

I came to the study to get this written and ended up with Azzan on my knee.
He had been quite stroppy as I was trying to get him off to bed.
He is missing his Daddy but doesn’t know how to say.
So he gets angry and frustrated and stroppy and difficult.
He sat and cried and we talked and hugged.
Now I am finishing here and am going to go tuck him and Halia in and give them some big hugs.
Cuz we are all missing him real bad.
He was missing from our picnic today and we all felt that big time in our hearts.

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