Wednesday 31st July

Last night I snuggled down into my bed and I watched the beginning of a new series which I bought recently.
The Pillars of the Earth‘.
So far it is showing an excellent portal of the times during the Dark Ages.
Somewhat brutal in places but very real.
The producers have done an brilliant job with set creation.

I woke this morning to hear Tardis approaching.
It was a flat calm morning, perfect for seeding up a line.

I met this young man heading to the spa as I stepped out to take some early morning photos.

Anson has a real bounce to his step these days.
I heard him bounding down the path to meet Seb when he arrived in with the ‘Tardis’ around 8am.
It is so lovely to see my boys working together so happily.
They were busy loading up stocking and ropes before heading out to harvest some spat so they could seed up a new line.
I could hear their voices chatting away, discussing what they needed to do the job for the day.
And when they are out on the water the sound of their voices carries across the water.
You can’t hear exactly what they are saying but it is music to my ears 🙂

Anson loading tubes of stocking from the shed to the boat.
P1080006Loading a few bags of rope on board.
P1080011Getting another bag ready to hoist onboard.P1080014Discussing what and which next.P1080023Seb teaching Anson how to use the hoist.P1080027 P1080029
And away they go.P1080031P1080033
Harvesting from the spat line
P1080034Gathering up some extra floats before heading out further to seed up a new line.P1080041

I had stuff to do online so sat in bed and did that.
Bri has invited Mahalia to go skiing with them in a few weeks time so I was organizing travel plans and booking tickets.
She is so excited 🙂
Mahalia went round to help Marah with Eden and feed the dogs.
Azzan brought me breakfast in bed.
Caramel latte and fresh fruit salad with yoghurt, coconut, cashews and a teeny sprinkle of coffee – the last was his decorative addition, I never asked for that!!

I finally got up and had a spa and read my book somewhere around 10:30ish.
Azzan decided to make muffins.
He did have a recipe and he made them all by himself 🙂
Only thing I think he did wrong was he used plain flour when it said self-raising flour, which we do not have.
But as the recipe also included extra baking powder all was not entirely lost.
They were edible and interesting.
He added chocolate chips, black currants plus banana slices for decoration.
I tried to feed them to the boys when they arrived back from work 😉
He had made a 1 1/2 times of the recipe – far too many for us to consume.

Mahalia decided she needed to make her own batch of muffins.
They were very tasty – boysenberry and chic chip.
I ate several for my lunch while I carried on working in the study.
Was trying to sort out some accounts etc.

Then finally I managed to get them to clean up the kitchen and sort washing and I went off to start sorting books in the school room.
I did fill two banana boxes with books I can sell or pass on so I felt I had made a small amount of progress.
But I kept on finding books I want to use with the kids yet.
Also I am aware I have grand babies coming along and some of them plan to home educate so they will need curricula.
Best not to be too heavy handed with the sort out eh?

I did unearth ‘Adam and his kin‘.
I had read it to the older children years ago and decided it would be a good book to begin reading to Mahalia & Azzan.
So while dinner was cooking I read the first chapter.

Azzan prepared the veges for dinner.
He roasted some yams, boiled up some carrot and parsnip to mash and cooked some brussel sprouts.
Mahalia added some lasagna and chicken Toppers to the oven.
Only problem was that Azzan took the pots off the stove and left them on the bench for ages before dinner was served and they were all cold.
So I served it all onto our plates and popped them back in the oven and read another chapter while they heated through again.
After reading we talked a while.
Talked about Daddy and where he is and being grateful we can be that we know where he is.
And how we should live our lives.
That one day we will all be together, and how glorious that will be.
Until then we can be sad we don’t have him here with us,  glad that we know he is waiting for us in a much better place, and be happy to remember the wonderful times we had with him and the loving Daddy he was – and still is in our hearts.
Tears were shed, thoughts thought, and memories stirred.

The sky tonight was amazing.
The reflection on the bay was so beautiful!
Everything was intensely pink.

While we ate dinner we watched an episode of ‘Castle‘.
Unfortunately it was not the best episode to view just before bed and the kids were a tad freaked out.
It was a Halloween one – “Vampire Weekend”.
Azzan sat and laughed all the way through at Castle’s antics and wants to view some more.
I got a few more rows of my knitting done.
It is getting easier the more I do.
They both decided they wanted to sleep with me tonight!
I said a very firm no and sent them off to get ready for bed.
I did put on the new Celtic Thunder dvd to lighten the moment.
Mahalia and I sat and talked by the fire for a while while Azzan was getting himself ready for bed.
Nice to have some one on one with her.
I banked up the fire and then went down to tuck Azzan in, only to find his bed empty.
Yep! He was cuddled up in my bed, little monkey.
So I have another body in my bed tonight!

When I was sorting books this arvo Azzan was sposed to be cleaning up his room.
He started asking me where he could put all his bathroom stuff.
He reckoned he needed a special shelf, cuz after all Shoshannah has one.
I brushed him off with a, ‘we will talk about this later when you have cleaned up’!
Tonight when I went to the bathroom I found a whole heap of my things dumped on the vanity.
Looked up and found he had cleared the small wall shelves and now all his hair products etc are in residence there!!
This kid is only 10!
You’d think he was jolly well 16 already with all his ‘products’ 🙂

One thought on “Wednesday 31st July

  1. The beautiful pink sky you KNOW was the love coming from Tim, and All the Good Thoughts he was sending whilst you all were talking about him…The perfect end to a day, if a day has to be without him now. I know he is saying.. Until then,carry on my family..
    @—–>—— a typed rose.

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