Saturday 24th August

I headed out to the spa with my book just after 6:30pm and read for an hour.

Am into another Beverley Lewis book – ‘The Fiddler’ from the Home to Hickory Hollow series.

I got YC & Shan busy in the garden, they are doing a fantastic job getting it all weeded and tidy.

I made a batch of banana, kiwifruit, apple and chocolate chip muffins for morning tea.

Then we got ourselves all ready for the First Aid Course that Ella was running for us.

She came up and got organized around 9:30am.

Seb & Phoebe cruised over and we finally managed to make a start sometime before 10:30am.

We spent the whole day immersed in first aid training.
P1080294It was really great.
The kids joined in for a while when we did the cpr and defibrillator training.P1080296 P1080298 P1080301 P1080306

P1080308 P1080310Then they all headed off to play.

It was all a bit too much for Jonas 🙂

Grant was flat out trying to build a new wetback/firebox for the wood stove.
He was really wanting to get it all done today so he could go fishing tomorrow.

Graham was working between the wood stove and the bathroom.

When we stopped for lunch Seb helped Graham fit in the last large piece of wallboard.

While we had our break I sat and read through the Serious Crash Report of Tim’s accident which I have only just received.
I was feeling quite emotional afterwards, especially as the Police still cannot get basic facts right.
I was also upset because on reading the more detailed information it hit home that it was accident that never needed to happen.
It should not have happened 😦

After lunch we did scenarios.
The kids were very willing patients.
Ella got them all set up out on the deck.
This is what we found.
It looked like a train wreck!
We had to remember our training and assess and deal with what we found.
Some of the patients were too giggly to remember to stage reality 😉
I got to Elias first but decided he was too gruesome for me so delegated Shoshannah to fix him up.

That proved to be quite an amusing situation for Shoshannah!

I found Eden on the steps with a knife ’embedded’ in her chest.

She was able to tell me that a mental guy with black hair, a scar on his eye, only 4 fingers on one hand and a wooden leg had attacked her and knifed her in the eye!
Great imagination that kid 🙂
I assessed her, donut wrapped the knife wound and then bandaged the eye.
In so doing I covered both eyes but found out later that it was best to cover both eyes in a case like this as it prevents the damaged eye from trying to move in syncro with the good eye.

Phoebe had to deal with Azzan who had a serious hand wound with several amputated fingers and shock.
P1080320 P1080326As you can see Azzan was in deep shock over losing several of his fingers 😉P1080329

Seb’s two patients were dealt to reasonably quickly and in a very matter of fact bloke type manner 😉
P1080327 P1080328

Once we had all done what we could for our patients we had a debrief to assess what we did and what we should’ve done.
P1080333 P1080337

The kids were al happy to go off and play after their fun ‘blood’ time with us.
We went back indoors and carried on with the remainder of the course.

I found my blood pressure monitor and we had fun taking our BP’s.
I was quite concerned to find mine was way higher than it has ever been.
I have always have very low blood pressure so was quite shocked.
We are going to monitor it and see what is going on.
Ella said that obviously stress will be playing a huge part.

Everyone was quite tired so we called it quits and headed to our respective homes.
We had heated up leftover pasta and poached eggs for dinner, plus left over desserts for the past two nights.
YC & Shan are so easy to have, they think that whatever food we put out is great.
I was exhausted after the busy day.
I lay on the sofa by the fire and read my book for a while.
So tired I couldn’t move.

I have completely run out of internet data today so am going to post this on Monday when our month is renewed.
Now I am off to bed with my book.
Am so tired.

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