Sunday 26th August

I was awake well before dawn again.
I spent some time writing.
I am enjoying getting my thoughts down on ‘paper’.
The weekend at Writers Retreat has stimulated me into doing this and it is helping to relieve the thoughts that churn inside my brain.


This is the amazing scene that greeted me as dawn broke over the bay.
I never fail to marvel at the wonderful environment I am blessed to live in here.
It is always glorious, no matter what the weather or time of day.
It is always changing and always beautiful.


I spent some time out in the spa with my book.
Shoshannah was up early making pancakes cuz she couldn’t sleep.
She presented me with this incredible plate for my breakfast.
It was small pancakes with heaps of fresh fruit and berry couli.
Absolutely delicious!

Azzan was queuing for the spa so I hopped out and quickly got dressed then relaxed in the study with my book and at by breakfast – very spoilt I was this morning 🙂


Grant & Graeme were at work on the wood stove firebox quite early.
While I had no internet I made the most of catching up on mail and getting it all queued up to send once the new month rolled over.
I also sat and made a list of all the moneys owing and expected expenditure.
It is all rather daunting, but having it listed helps me to process how I am going to deal with it.
Graham got me out cleaning the top of the wood stove while it was disconnected.
It made it heaps easier to scrub.
I tried using Jif and then a pot scrub but still couldn’t move some of the stuff.
Graham is going to bring something else down for me to try later.


Marah arrived around with Eden in the buggy.
Anson took a while to get here as he was doing his dogs and possum traps.
They had arrived back home last night in a borrowed vehicle as the parts they needed did not arrive due to the plane from Auckland not being able to land in Christchurch due to fog.
We were frustrated and flummoxed that they had not been sent directly to Nelson :-/
Seb whizzed Phoebe up in the dinghy and then got the 88 South into the wharf.
Loaded up Graham, Grant, Miriam and the kids and took off out fishing & scalloping which was a blessing to us all 😉
P1080349 P1080353

Ella was finally able to get started with Anson & Marah.
P1080356 P1080361 P1080363

I carried on scrubbing.
I was really feeling upset, just felt overwhelmed with carrying stresses and worries and was struggling not to cry.
Scrubbing was good cuz the tears merged in with the soapy water.
I eventually went in and joined the crew.
While they did their CPR training etc I did some knitting and listened.
Eden was really good and stayed asleep all morning so Marah was able to concentrate.

I cooked up some eggs on toast with pasta for lunch and we all sat outside to eat in the sunshine.
Shoshannah made some gluten free pastry pies and Ella & I helped her eat them.

I caught some great family shots and these gorgeous ones of Eden during course intervals.
This is my favourite 🙂
P1080380 P1080379 P1080375

The wee hoodie she is wearing is the one I knitted a few months ago.
Lovely to see it being worn 🙂
P1080381 P1080386 P1080393

Then it was back into the classroom groove.
Eden was awake and a tad cranky so Phoebe & Shoshannah helped to babysit.


She was then was entertained by our accommodating tutor  for the last part of our course and then thankfully slept while we all did the final tests 🙂

We all passed thanks to our wonderful tutor.
Ella is a natural born teacher and loves what she is doing so that makes it so easy to learn.
I wanted all the crew to do this course and hopefully in a few months to do a more advanced one.
It is so important for us to be proactive as we are so far from help if there is an accident or medical emergency.

The fisherfolk arrived back much later than they had planned.
Graham & Grant got straight back into working on the stove.
We sat and chatted for a while.
Phoebe’s baby was very active so we all had to connect with it 🙂

Seb whizzed Phoebe back home and then took off out to harvest some seed.
Marah walked her babe back home again and Anson took off to do some work.
Grant finally got the wetback/firebox to fit.
He had to do a small adjustment but it is all sitting in there nicely now.
Thanks so much Grant – I so appreciate you helping us out like this.

Ella & Grant then packed up the vehicles and kids.
And eventually after getting a certain van stuck – again!
And calling Graham out to come help tow her out of her predicament they were finally on their way home somewhere around 7pm.
Ella, you might be good at teaching first aid but you sure ain’t no good at assessing risk 😉
Gonna be a late night kids!

I cooked up fresh fish and a couple of scallops for dinner along with some veges.
It was a most delicious feed.
Haven’t had a feed of fresh fish for ages.
Graham had dinner with us cuz he was working quite late here getting the stove sorted.

YC & Shan are getting ready to leave in the morning so we exchanged photos after they finished the dishes.
They have spoilt the kids this past week by doing most of the dishes.
Shock time coming kids!!
I went to tuck Azzan into bed but found him cuddled up talking with Shoshannah on her bed.
They were having a sibling bonding time sharing memories of their Dad.
I left them to it and carried on blogging in the study.
I am so tired that I am now going to head off and find my book and snuggle down in my bed.
Electric blanket is already on 🙂








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