Wednesday 28th August

My late night early morning told on me this morning.
I didn’t wake till around 7am, and certainly was not too keen on getting out of bed when Azzan came to tell me the spa was free.
He had beaten me to it for once 😉

I took my new book out to start reading it.
Love Finds You in Lahaina, Hawaii’ by Bodie Thoene.
I was particularly interested in this book because it tells the story of Princess Kaiulani.
I had watched a movie about her a while back and was very taken with a very sad part of history I knew nothing about.

My morning was spent in the study.
I was wanting to finish up and go start cleaning in my art room.
It is the last bastion of mess to be attacked here at the moment and I just haven’t had the time or the energy to get into it.
But instead I received an email which tipped me over the edge into emotional distress.
I am trying really hard to keep my head above water at the moment, keep breathing, and not get stressed.
I have been doing reasonably well for a few days, maybe even weeks, but this morning I lost it.
I sat and sobbed uncontrollably.
Azzan came and rubbed my shoulders and handed me tissues but I couldn’t stop crying.
I finally sent him away and made a phone call to Bri to ask for some advice.
Then I got a call from Sunni.
She is helping me sort out finances and banking stuff at present.
Anson came to see me and we had a really good D&M which helped.
Sebastian was out on the water just in front of the house working on the lines, he called up about some mussel matters.
It is great that he is literally taking the helm of the business
I am truly blessed to have such helpful children young adults with so many diverse abilities who are pooling their strengths to assist me.

Anson took the two kids away to do firewood for a few hours over the middle of the day.
Graham was busy working on the wood fire hearth.
I love the Kiwi ingenuity on display again 🙂
Gotta hold up the chimney somehow!

I really appreciate the jobs that Graham is doing for us at the moment.
Just helping to fix up things around the house and make it feel more comfortable and tidier.
With an old house there is always something to fix, or maintain, and clean.

I cooked up some eggs on toast for us both and then sat and did a little bit of knitting while we talked.
I washed the huge pile of dishes as the kids had been pulled away outside to help Anson before they had managed to do them.
I also got stuck in and cleaned the fridge.
Obviously hadn’t been done in a while :-/
Always satisfying to see the finished article afterwards.

I was so emotionally drained and physically exhausted that I was barely functioning so I took myself off to bed for a sleep.
Read my book and dozed for a few hours.
The kids came home and I played possum for a while until the phone went and I got up to talk to Rowena.
Spent some time trying to find her a photo she needed, was good to talk to her as we hadn’t caught up in a while.
Azzan made some roast potatoes and we heated up the leftover chicken casserole I had put in the freezer last week.
He and I ate our dinner in my bed and watched ‘Are we there yet’.
It was quite funny, and had a good message in the end.
Shoshannah did some more MathsBuddy.
She had already spent a couple of hours on it this morning.
She is really enjoying it and likes the way they teach so I am really pleased it is working so well for both the girls.
I just need to get Azzan to focus better on it.
He has a big black note book and is having fun doubling numbers.
He began with 1+1, 2+2, 4+4,……….and is now up into the trillions
I had to laugh the other day, Bri told me that –  ‘Halia was stressing out the other day when we went skiing because she hadn’t done her maths.  I told her that it was PE class that day.’   🙂
Thanks Bri – really value the extra curricula education you & Abby have provided for my two girls these past months xxxx
The PE skiing classes have been very much appreciated and enjoyed 🙂

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