Thursday 29th August

After a fitful time of trying to get to sleep, turning, twisting, trying to relax and finally crying myself to sleep in my large empty bed I did sleep until just after 5am.
Woke feeling a lot better.

I could hear heavy rain on the roof and southerly waves pounding the shore.
The expected storm had hit.
I got up and crept about the house not wanting to wake the children.
Lit the wood stove to take the chill off the kitchen.
It might be a bit of a struggle to keep the house warm today with only one fire.
But I am very grateful for that one fire, and that it is fixed and going well now 🙂

Checked the Met forecast and saw that the storm is supposed to blow over this morning so am hoping and praying that the roads will have time to dry out by tomorrow when I have to leave for town. P1080436
Took the latest edition of Above Rubies and braved the rain to have my morning spa.
There is something very therapeutic about lying in a hot spa when a cold wet windy storm is swirling around your ears 😉

Remembered Azzan’s GO Skype session in time today.
Only problem was that Shoshannah had collared the computer first so had to bump her off so he could load his latest story.
If he hadn’t needed to do that he could’ve used my laptop.
So she then went off and spent more time talking on the phone.
Seems to be her main occupation at present ;-/
The connection was not great this morning plus Azzan was getting frustrated and flustered so I ended up sitting with him for a while to help him focus.
His teacher loved his story.
It is very dark and macabre but he writes it well.
He then went off happily to bake cupcakes and do the dishes.
Actually the cupcakes and dishes got postponed.
He got a load of wood down and began packing for town, which involved folding his washing and putting it away first.
He is a bit of a flutter bug!

Shoshannah made corn fritters for lunch.
I made leeks in a cheese sauce and deep fried wedges to add to it.
We had beetroot and tomato sauce and cheese.
A great, very warming, and totally unhealthy lunch

Graham helped Anson fix the hydraulics on the tractor and then Anson spent the rest of the day grading the road.
Graham grouted all the tiles this morning and then after lunch began work replacing the toilet.
Had a hiccup in the proceedings as one of the fittings in the kit was the wrong size.
So he took a rain check and headed home to light his fire and do some reading and resting.

I decided it was time to finish the wee carry for Eden before she grows out of it so I sat and sewed on the cute buttons Bri brought back from the UK.P1080437Aren’t they so sweet.P1080439

Azzan got to making the cupcakes after lunch instead.
He mixed up a double batch.
I found him in a real pickle.
He had carefully laid out the right number of cases into muffin tins and then mixed the mixture in the processor.
When I got to him he had a bowl of mixture with two rubber spatulas, a soup spoon and the processor blade all buried in sticky mixture!
He had managed to spoon about a dozen cupcakes but had stuff all over the place.
I took over  cleaned it all up, managed to salvage the rest of the mixture and spooned it in for him.
Finally got them baking in the oven mid arvo!
He was trying to do this plus talk on the phone to Asher at the same time.
I made him hang up and then proceeded to tell him that he must concentrate on the task at hand and only do one thing at a time cuz he is a guy and men cannot multi task.
He protested saying that I was being sexist.
I replied that I wasn’t because it was the truth and he had just proven it 🙂

Shoshannah worked away at her maths lessons for ages.
It is very pleasing to see her applying herself to it and progressing.
Last year she was hating it.

Azzan decided that as we were heading to town tomorrow he really needed to die his hair again.
I did warn him that Jesika would likely kill him if the purple hasn’t washed out before the wedding.
He assured me it will.
This is what happens when you take selfless on your mother’s phone.
She publishes them for all the world to see 🙂IMG_3452

I had to inform him that he had missed a large chunk at the back, but he was completely unperturbed, ‘because I can’t see the back and no-one else will take any notice of it there anyway!’IMG_3461

The sky tonight was lovely after the worst of the storm had blown through and the rain had passed.
There is snow way down low all over the South Island after the southerly front passed over us, even on the hills in the middle of Nelson!P1080440

I got busy packing up the vehicle ready for an early get away tomorrow.
Am still taking out curriculum I don’t need anymore, plus things for the recycling centre and stuff for the wedding.
As well as that Shoshannah sold some of her birds today so I am taking them out for the young lad who has bought them.
So their cages had to be securely fitted in the back too.

Azzan finally got to icing his cupcakes around 7pm.
It was getting really late and no dinner had been done yet either.
Shoshannah cooked up an apple & onion gravy for the sausages.
I made a large pot of veges and while they were cooking I bumped Azzan along to get the icing done.
He had found two types in the cupcake book that he wasted to make.
One looks like a poached egg and the other a toadstool.
As we had all the necessary ingredients it was relatively easy to fulfill his wishes.P1080445 P1080447 We got them all done and then were able to serve our dinner.
I collapsed in my chair, utterly exhausted.
Gave Azzan a wee lecture about not leaving his baking to the last minute ever again!!!

So tonight, the job I got up early to do – cleaning the last bastion of mess in the house, my craft corner – is still not done.
It never even got started :-/
I guess it will still be waiting for me on my return.P1080433
I am so wanting to be able to get it all cleaned up so I can pop in there and create when I feel like it.

At the moment it is such a mess I can’t bare to even look at it let alone go in there.
I need order to create.

I am absolutely physically worn out tonight.
Still have to go pack my bag so am going to call it quits now and do that and then fall into bed.
Not enough hours left till I have to get up again.

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