Thursday 12th September

There is something to be said for falling asleep at midnight over a movie.
I slept in till around 7am.
I was quite shocked at how cold it was outside when I ventured from my unit.
A very distinct change in the temperatures – brrrr!
John took my Regulus down to the garage at 7:30am to get a WoF.
Thanks John – really appreciate all your help.

I suggested to Marah she might let Eden have a lick of a piece of raw pineapple.
Eden thought that was pretty darn good – for a while!
It’s the first thing she has tasted apart from Mum’s milk bar and she soon decided that pineapple is actually second best 🙂

Sally lent me her car for the morning.
She said it was all pretty straight forward – yeah right!
This country girl ain’t used to all the bells and whistles on a Mercedes.
There were so many to find that I was rather tentative about driving it.
By the time I got into the city I was getting the hang of it, although the indicator was definitely on the wrong side of the steering wheel – just couldn’t get that one figured!
I took Jesika into town for her 9am appointment.
She was quite upset – as Shoshannah would diagnose it – MDD (Missing Dad Disorder).
I had some time to shoe shop before my 10am massage session with Scott.
Now we have the results back from the ultrasound he can get stuck in and work hard on my shoulder.
And he sure did!
But when I left I did feel so much freer so he must’ve done something right.
I whizzed around and did several jobs.

I thought that everything was sorted re the wedding plans, but with most plans they are made to change – and usually at the last minute.
There were all sorts of messages coming at me from several quarters.
First one was to say Nick & Bri had been held up due to flooding so Molly needed to be collected from the airport.
She was flying in fro the USA – 10 years since she came and loved with us as an adventurous 16 year old.
I got John onto that job.
Molly got quite a buzz from being met by John holding up an Executive Limousines sign with her name on it and then being brought back here in a Mercedes Limo  🙂
After 10 years it was a deserving welcome for you Molly 🙂

I had to go sign papers for Seb, pay for bread, return dresses, have a dress fitting,  get myself a frappuccino and look for shoes.
Found one pair that might work and left them on hold while I checked out other places.
When I went to pay for the bread order at L’Artisan Bakery they had some freshly made and still warm cream cheese Danishes which were loudly calling my name, so I had to take one away with me.
It was absolutely divine!
I went to get my frappaccino and couldn’t believe my eyes.
There was a new sign advertising Salted Caramel drinks.
I had only just been reading about Salted Caramel Frappuccinos on a blog I follow a few days ago.
So I seriously had to try one and Hannah, if you are reading this, thank you for recommending them – I loved it!!
For anyone else who might be interested, this is the post that drew me to Hannah’s blog and I have been enjoying her writings ever since.

Finally got safely back to the motel around 11:30am.
Thank you for the somewhat daunting pleasure of being able to drive your amazing car Sally 🙂

Molly was happily being fed by Shoshannah and entertained by Azzan at the house.
I ran around getting things sorted to take her into Fairfield House to Jesika and Marah to her 2pm appointment at Nelson Beauty.
Shoshannah was coming to help babysit.

Bri, Nick & Abby arrived and then Colin from Muritai Motors returned my Regulus – it was all a bit chaotic for a few minutes while we figured who was going where with whom and when!
The travelers were hungry so they took off looking for food, dropping Colin back on the way.
Azzan moved over to my unit.
He was very upset and tearful.
His throat has been really sore and he was hungry but could’t eat.
He was at Day 5 stage and totally over having the chickenpox!
I got him settled into my bed with the curtains and doors closed and left him to sleep.
We fastened the baby seat back into my vehicle and loaded the girls on board and headed into the city again.

Called in to Fairfield House to drop Molly off to help Jesika.
The reunion was very ear splitting!!   😉
The decorating was in full swing.
Phoebe was looking lovely after her pampering at Nelson Beauty.
She & Rachel were busy over in one corner, Evan was up a ladder with his mates helping, it was a hive of activity.
We left them to it and zipped down the street and parked up.
Popped the wee poppet into the buggy and took off to suss out dresses for Marah.
Eden decided that it really wasn’t necessary for Mum to have new clothes so we packed it in and they went off to the car to feed her.
I raced around checking out the other shoe shops.
Finally found my way back to Andrea Bianni.
Wasn’t really holding my breath about finding anything suitable, but I was served by a delightful young lady who  from her conversation I quickly picked up was some sort of art lover.
She turned out to be a design student and very very good at her job.
She found me the absolute perfectimo pair – right price, colour, shape and size – looked great and were comfortable.
What more could a girl want!
I was overjoyed and paid happily.
I bumped into Sasha nearby sporting a lovely fresh Hitomi haircut and was chatting with her when my phone rang.
It was the delightful young sales assistant apologizing profusely because she had made a huge mistake and had scanned the wrong box and had undercharged me for the shoes.
I assured her it was all fine and I went straight back in to pay the rest.
Because of the mistake the owner took 20% off the full price so I was more than happy 🙂
Then I met up with Mahalia & Sophie who were shopping for a b’day pressie for Shoshannah.
And down the street was Bri & Abby and Sebastian.
Quite a family gathering!
Seb has hurt his back badly so was gingerly walking everywhere until his 4pm chiropractic appointment as being in a car was too painful.

Shoshannah soon arrived with Eden as we were babysitting while Marah was having her pamper session.
Shanni and I went looking for dresses for Marah again.
Found the perfect one and then went back to collapse at Starbucks.
Eden was sound asleep which made our job much easier 😉
Marah met us there looking gorgeous and feeling wonderfully restored.
We zipped her down to Max and she tried on the dress and loved it.
I shunted her off to another shop to check out undergarments while I paid, only to discover that because I am a VIP member there was 20% off todays purchases.
Wow! Happy day 🙂
We were racing because I needed to be back in time to meet Sunni & Mat at the airport.
Their plane was delayed which took a wee bit of pressure off.
Anson was parked near us so there was a joyful reunion 🙂
Then he realized he had locked his keys in the car.
Thankfully his father had secured a key underneath with many layers of duck tape and despite getting covered in dust and grime he was able to unstick it and get into the truck.
That was a relief!
Back to the motel and unpacked quickly.
Azzan was looking a tad better.
I suggested he have a shower and freshen up while I went off to the airport.
They had already landed so I swooped in and picked them up.
So lovely to see them both 🙂
Brought Sunni & Mat back and then we all mucked about getting sorted for the evening out.
John loaded us all into the transit van and took us off to Crusoe’s for Shoshannah’s 16th birthday party.
We celebrated tonight, a day early, because tomorrow will be swallowed up in wedding celebrations and I wanted Shoshannah to have a special time.IMG_3741
There was supposed to be 30 of us but my final headcount tonight was that there were 36 plus Eden.
A large noisy happy group 🙂
It was a lovely night.
Anat, Ellie & Rami did a wonderful job catering for us all.
I had ordered two gluten free cakes for dessert from Chocolate Velvet so had to check them out before everyone saw them.
I was absolutely delighted with what they made for us.
Shoshannah and Tim have always celebrated their birthdays together as they are only 4 days apart so I wanted to make it special for her.
This was the citrus and almond cake.
Tomorrow is also Mathieu’s 33rd birthday so this was his cake.
I couldn’t let him be forgotten either 😉IMG_3744

Marah, Phoebe & Sunniva, our three young mothers – one grand baby here already and the other two still baking
Louisa gave Eden a pressie so Anson had to open it for her.
It was a large golliwog doll – caused lots of laughter.IMG_3749
Eden was totally unfazed by all the noise and slept soundly for ages.
Wee cherub.
Lots of talk and noise and socializing filled the evening.
IMG_3753 IMG_3755
We began with platters – they were delicious.
There was a set menu of five mains choices.
Then after that they brought out the cakes.
Shoshannah was absolutely delighted with her cake.IMG_3766
Another round of singing which surprised Mat who had forgotten it was his birthday 🙂IMG_3769 IMG_3771
I had gotten a canvas done for Shoshannah as she loves this photos of her and her Dad, taken just a year ago when we were flying to Auckland for Sunni & Mat’s wedding.
When I went to get my plate of cake this is the one that I picked up – thought it appropriate I got Tim, although when it came to eating it I felt really weird and wasn’t too happy about it.IMG_3777
Graham, Mahalia, Nathan & MiraIMG_3778
Jesika & Evan – the happy couple 🙂
BFF’s – Katherine & Shoshannah.
Katherine had come earlier with Mahalia & Sophie and decorated the cafe with minions etc for Shoshannah.
Besties – Sophie & Mahalia 🙂IMG_3784
We all finally headed off around 9pm.
It was a lovely night – thanks Crusoes Crew 🙂

Azzan got himself all repacked and tidied up while I went over to the house to get my washing.
I ended up back here in tears, just sat and cried.
Yes, there was a minor altercation, but that wasn’t really the reason.
I have felt very titchey today.
I know it is hard for everyone this week because they are all missing their dad.
We are all missing him terribly.
The girls have been waiting for their men to arrive over the past few days.
Now they are here.
And today I just lost it – I felt really bitchy – I want my man to be arriving out too.
But he isn’t coming, and he never will be again.
And I am angry, and upset and just downright miserable.
And if anyone asks me why I am crying or why I am upset I am going to throw something.
I am crying cuz I am crying – because he’s not here and it’s just so damned unfair!  😦


4 thoughts on “Thursday 12th September

  1. A great big Happy Birthday Shoshannah & also to Mat… looks like Crusoes out did themselves… everything looked great Raewyn the cakes looked FAB especially Shoshannah’s… I can see how wonderful a night it was & feel for you as it would of been so trying a night as well with your heart wanting Timmy to come on in… my thoughts are with you as I know today is going to even be that tad harder… sending you cyber hugs & cyber strength… ❤

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